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  • Kennel Gear, Bowl Only, Aluminum Yoke, 2 Quart Double

Kennel Gear, Bowl Only, Aluminum Yoke, 2 Quart Double

by Kennel Gear Item #: 919213-00121
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Kennel Gear 2-Quart Double Bowl with Aluminum Yoke: A Superior Feeding Solution
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Enhance your pet care system with Kennel Gear's 2-Quart Double Bowl, skillfully engineered to integrate seamlessly into your existing Kennel Gear setup. This premium product is not just a bowl; it’s a versatile and robust feeding solution tailored to meet the needs of both pet and owner.


- Capacity & Design: Equipped with a 2-quart double bowl capacity, this product allows you to provide water and food simultaneously, making feeding times simpler and more efficient. The sleek design complements any kennel setup.
- Aluminum Yoke: The inclusion of a sturdy aluminum yoke ensures that the bowl remains stable, preventing spills and providing a fixed feeding area for your pet. The yoke is designed to be strong yet lightweight, adding durability without unnecessary bulk.
- High-Quality Material: Crafted from high-quality stainless steel, the bowls resist rust and corrosion, ensuring long-lasting use and ease of cleaning. The stainless steel also offers a sanitary surface for your pets’ meals, maintaining their health and well-being.


- Customizable Setup: Designed to be compatible with all Kennel Gear mounting options, this bowl offers unparalleled adaptability. Whether you’re upgrading your system or setting up a new one, integration is smooth and hassle-free.
- Enhanced Hygiene: Elevating the feeding station off the ground keeps the bowls clean and hygienic. This elevation prevents contamination from kennel floors, reducing the risk of your pets pushing the bowls through harmful substances.
- Safety and Stability: The aluminum yoke ensures that the bowls stay in place, which is crucial for energetic pets or those prone to playful antics during mealtime. This stability helps in maintaining a tidy feeding area and discourages the bowls from being used as toys.

Unique Selling Points:

- Cost-Effective: This bowl set is an economical choice that doesn’t compromise on quality. It’s ideal for pet owners looking to enhance their current system without the additional cost of new mounts or extensive accessories.
- Ease of Integration: If you have existing Kennel Gear components, adding this 2-quart double bowl is straightforward. Use the same mounting bracket for a quick and easy upgrade.
- Durable Construction: The combination of stainless steel and an aluminum yoke not only provides aesthetic appeal but also guarantees a product that withstands the test of time and usage.

Invest in the Kennel Gear 2-Quart Double Bowl with Aluminum Yoke to ensure your pets enjoy a clean, stable, and efficient feeding solution. This product isn’t just an accessory; it’s an essential part of facilitating a healthy, enjoyable feeding experience for your beloved pets.

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