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  • Kennel Gear, Bowl System, Aluminum Yoke, 2 Quart

Kennel Gear, Bowl System, Aluminum Yoke, 2 Quart

by Kennel Gear Item #: 911204-00146K
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Revolutionize Pet Feeding with Kennel Gear's New 2 Quart Bowl System & Aluminum Yoke!
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Introducing the Kennel Gear 2 Quart Bowl System with Aluminum Yoke, a groundbreaking solution in pet care that is set to transform how you nourish your beloved pet. This meticulously engineered system combines high functionality with durable design, ensuring a seamless feeding experience that caters to the dynamic needs of pet owners and their furry friends.

Features & Benefits:

- Sturdy and Safe: Crafted with a robust Aluminum Yoke, this bowl system offers stability and resilience against wear and tear, ensuring it stands the test of time. While the yoke is sturdy, its flexible design is not suitable for pets that might stand on their bowls.
- Versatile Mounting Options: The true beauty of this system lies in its versatility. Whether you have limited space or specific requirements for your pet’s feeding area, the Kennel Gear Bowl System adapts effortlessly. It’s compatible with various mounting options, allowing you to tailor the feeding station precisely to you and your pet’s needs.
- Enhanced Sanitation: Elevating the feeding bowls off the ground, this system not only prevents your pet from moving the bowls and causing a mess but also significantly reduces contamination risks associated with ground-level feeding practices such as exposure to urine or feces.
- Minimized Mess: By securing the bowls in place, the system discourages pets from playing with or tipping over their food and water, contributing to a cleaner and more orderly feeding area.
- Easy Installation: Set up is hassle-free with the included 0.75" thumbscrews and a standard kennel bar mount. You can have your pet’s new feeding station ready in no time, without the need for complex tools or prolonged assembly times.

Unique Selling Points:

- Durable Construction: The use of high-quality aluminum for the yoke ensures a product that can withstand the rigors of daily use without compromising on performance.
- Customizable Setup: Flexibility in mounting allows this feeding system to be installed in a variety of settings, making it ideal for both home and professional kennel environments.
- Hygienic Feeding Solution: By keeping the feeding area tidy and off the floor, this system actively contributes to the overall health and well-being of your pet.

The Kennel Gear 2 Quart Bowl System with Aluminum Yoke isn’t just a product; it's an investment in enhancing your pet’s feeding routine. It represents a blend of innovation, quality, and care that Kennel Gear is known for in the pet care industry. Elevate your pet care standards with this durable, practical, and sanitary feeding solution that adds significant value to your pet's daily life. Experience the difference in pet feeding with Kennel Gear’s latest innovation.

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