• Happy Jack, Milkade for Brood Females

Happy Jack, Milkade for Brood Females

by Happy Jack Item #: 1033010-01060
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Happy Jack Milkade was developed to help reduce the loss of puppies during the critical first few days following whelping.

Milkade is easy to use and optimal if started 4 - 5 days before the bitch whelps and the 10 following.

The five ingredients have proven to help the female to provide for her puppies with a clean, healthy quantity of milk. These five-ingredient include -

*Sodium Acetate & Potassium Citrate - Buffering agents that neutralize acidity
*Calcium Gluconate - Milk production
*Lactose - Milk sugar for energy
*Thiamine Hydrochloride - A crystalline Vitamin B1 supplement that overcomes neuritis of pregnancy due to dietary deficiency

Size - 2oz

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