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  • Wild Ruffed Grouse Wings, 2 Pack

Wild Ruffed Grouse Wings, 2 Pack

Item #: 1297055-10110
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Hone Your Hunting Dog's Skills with Authentic Wild Ruffed Grouse Wings, 2 Pack
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These natural and authentic Wild Ruffed Grouse Wings are meticulously prepared to ensure quality and durability, making them an essential tool for any hunting dog retriever training or wing-training puppy sessions. They're easy to use - just attach a wing to a pole with a piece of twine and toss it out in front of your puppy. Watch as their instincts kick in, and they chase and retrieve the wing, honing their hunting skills.

These Wild Ruffed Grouse Wings also make a perfect tool for scent training. Toss a wing into some high grass and watch as your young dog uses their senses to locate their prey. Better yet, zip tie them to a training dummy for more authentic retrieves. The Wild Ruffed Grouse Wings mimic the actual prey, enabling your dog to develop and refine their tracking and hunting skills in the most realistic way possible.

Even for the most experienced gun dogs, our Wild Ruffed Grouse Wings will prove to be a beneficial tool. They provide an opportunity for the dogs to point staunchly at the Ruffed Grouse Wings, preparing them for the upcoming hunting season and ensuring they remain sharp and focused.

Available in packs of two, our Wild Ruffed Grouse Wings provide you with ample quantity for all your dog hunting training needs. These wings are a limited stock item, making them a unique and exclusive training tool to have. Don't miss out on this opportunity to invest in the best training aid for your hunting dog and watch them transform into the perfect Ruffed grouse hunting companion.

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