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Introducing the Cody Hunt Gear Quail and Chukar Recall Funnel, a must-have addition to any bird pen. This innovative product provides an efficient and humane way to return your training birds to their pen after a day of bird-dog training. Crafted from heavy-duty, durable plastic, the Cody Hunt Gear Recall Funnel ensures lasting performance and resilience against the elements.

The installation process is quick and straightforward. Simply cut a hole measuring roughly 5 1/2" in diameter near the bottom of your quail or chukar pen, slide the funnel through, ensuring the bobs are completely vertical, and secure with the appropriate screws. This process not only provides a hassle-free access point for your birds but also ensures that once they enter, they won't be able to get out.

The Cody Hunt Gear Quail and Chukar Recall Funnel is more than just a functional device - it's a training tool that allows your birds to recall to their pen location easily, enhancing your training efficiency. This product combines convenience, durability, and functionality in one package, making it an indispensable tool for bird-dog training. Trust Cody Hunt Gear for high-quality, easy-to-install products designed with your bird training needs in mind.
  • Easy to install
  • Heavy duty plastic construction

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