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Introducing the Thornell Skunk-Off Liquid Spray - a remarkable 32 oz solution designed to combat the most pungent of skunk odors. Expertly crafted by Thornell Corporation, this unique product provides an instantaneous and everlasting remedy to skunk odors, eliminating all traces of the odious scent from a wide-ranging array of sources, such as dogs, other pets, people, clothing, cars, and homes.

One of the standout features of the Thornell Skunk-Off Liquid Spray is its universal application. This versatile product is safe for use on any surface, including carpets and upholstery. It's equally effective when applied directly on your pet, making it an all-encompassing solution to your odor concerns.

The application process is straightforward and hassle-free. Simply shake the bottle, wipe off any excess skunk spray, and saturate the affected area with the Thornell Skunk-Off Liquid Spray. Ensure complete coverage, including the eyelids, mouth, and in-between toes for pets, followed by a thorough rinse and dry. Reapply as necessary if the odor persists.

At Thornell Corporation, the safety of customers and their pets is their top priority. All their products are crafted to be safe for use on any surface or directly on animals. Despite Skunk-Off's potent odor-eliminating properties, it is not harmful. However, it may cause minor eye irritation and excessive drooling in cats due to their grooming habits, so we recommend consulting with your veterinarian and following the label directions.

Trust in the power of Thornell Skunk-Off Liquid Spray to effectively tackle all your skunk odor issues. This reliable, potent, and safe solution is your best defense for maintaining an odor-free environment for you and your pets. With Thornell, say goodbye to skunk odors for good!

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