• Kennel Gear, 360 Versa Feeder Standard with Paws

Kennel Gear, 360 Versa Feeder Standard with Paws

by Control Dynamics Inc Item #: 911150-00160
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Revolutionize Pet Care with the Adjustable Kennel Gear 360 Versa Feeder
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The Kennel Gear 360 Versa Feeder Standard with Paws is a game-changer in pet care. It showcases a unique design that offers unsurpassed convenience and safety for both the handler and the animal. With the Versa Feeder, you can easily manage feeding time without the need for direct contact, minimizing the risk of injury and stress for more skittish or aggressive animals. Ideal for commercial boarding facilities, it ensures an efficient feeding system that is both safe and secure.

But what sets the Versa Feeder apart from standard feeding systems is its adjustable mounting apparatus. With two slots on each side of the center pivot point, it can be adjusted to accommodate animals of varying heights. Whether you're tending to a small puppy or a large breed dog, the Versa Feeder has you covered. It's also compatible with different-sized pails and bowls, making it a versatile choice for any pet care scenario.

Additionally, if you prefer a single-mount bowl or pail system, the Versa Feeder also offers this feature with its 2 sets of fixed holes in the center. To ensure stability while feeding, the Versa Feeder comes with two tabs on its frame that can lock the swinging mechanism in place.

The Kennel Gear, 360 Versa Feeder Standard with Paws is not just a feeder, it's a comprehensive solution that takes pet care to a whole new level. Experience hassle-free and worry-free feeding times with this innovative product. Invest in the Versa Feeder today and make feeding time a breeze.
  • A full 360 degree swing
  • No need to enter the kennel area to feed or water
  • Stainless steel and aluminum construction so no rusting
  • Use as a feeding or watering system or both

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