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  • VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Test Video, USB Drive

VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Test Video, USB Drive

by Dogs Unlimited LLC Item #: 002VDD-VJPHZP
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Master VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP & HZP Tests with Dogs Unlimited's Ultimate Video Guide on USB Drive!
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VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Test Video, USB Drive: Your Ultimate Guide to Mastering the Key Skills for Success

Unlock the secrets to acing the VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Tests with this comprehensive and easy-to-follow video guide, conveniently available on a USB drive. Expertly crafted by Dogs Unlimited LLC, this essential training tool will provide you with all the knowledge, techniques and tips you need to excel in these crucial canine assessments.

Discover the unique features and benefits of each test, and gain an in-depth understanding of the critical components that make up each stage. With engaging visuals and clear explanations, this video guide will lead you step by step through the crucial elements of the VJP and HZP tests, including:

Included in the VJP video -

Chapter 1 - Intro to VJP Video
Chapter 2 - What is the VJP?
Chapter 3 - Hare Track
Chapter 4 - Field Search & Pointing
Chapter 5 - Cooperation
Chapter 6 - Desire
Chapter 7 - Obedience
Chapter 8 - Outro

Included in the HZP video -

Chapter 1 - Intro to HZP Video
Chapter 2 - What is the HZP?
Chapter 3 - Field Search & Pointing
Chapter 4 - Gun Sensitivity - Water
Chapter 5 - Blind Retrieve from Cover
Chapter 6 - Search Behind Live Duck
Chapter 7 - Fur & Feather Drags
Chapter 8 - Use of Nose
Chapter 9 - Cooperation
Chapter 10 - Desire
Chapter 11 - Obedience
Chapter 12 - Manner of Retrieve
Chapter 13 - Training Tips
Chapter 14 - Outro

Enhance your learning experience with valuable bonus content, including links to VJP and HZP Handling and Training Tips in PDF format. These invaluable resources offer additional insights and guidance on how to effectively prepare for each stage of the tests. Find them here -

Printable Tips (click to open) -


Experience the convenience and flexibility of having all this vital information at your fingertips with the VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Test Video on a USB drive. Whether you're training at home, in the field, or on-the-go, this portable and versatile training tool will ensure you have everything you need to confidently approach the VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Tests and achieve outstanding results.Don't miss out on this unique opportunity to invest in your success – order your VDD-GNA, JGHV VJP and HZP Test Video, USB drive by Dogs Unlimited LLC today!

IMPORTANT - Not compatible with Apple device

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