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  • Alps Outdoors, Deluxe Dove Belt, Shadow Grass Habitat

Alps Outdoors, Deluxe Dove Belt, Shadow Grass Habitat

by Alps Outdoorz Item #: 1350220-94822
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Experience the Enhanced Design of the Deluxe Dove Belt
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The Alps Outdoors, Deluxe Dove Belt, Shadow Grass Habitat, is a must-have for any serious hunter. Developed by Alps Outdoorz, this innovative belt boasts a host of features that will enhance your hunting experience.

Firstly, it showcases a new and improved design based on the popular Dove Belt. This reimagined version now includes a "hold-open" shell pocket, allowing you to quickly and effortlessly access your shells during your hunting sessions. No more fumbling around - your shells are right at your fingertips.

The Deluxe Dove Belt is offered in the unique Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat, a design that not only looks great but also provides a functional purpose - it blends seamlessly into your natural surroundings, increasing your stealth and effectiveness.

One of the unique selling points of this belt is its adaptability. With integrated snap-button belt loop panels, you can reposition or remove the pockets as per your needs, providing a customizable experience tailored to your hunting style.

A notable feature of this belt is its large game bag that comes with a TechMesh bottom. This innovative design allows for drainage and maximizes air circulation, keeping your game fresh even during warm, early-season hunts. The same technology is applied to the water bottle pouch, allowing condensation drainage and air circulation, so you can stay hydrated without any hassle.

In summary, the Alps Outdoors, Deluxe Dove Belt, Shadow Grass Habitat, is a game-changer in the hunting gear market. With its unique features, enhanced design, and adaptability, it offers a superior hunting experience. Experience the difference with Alps Outdoorz.
  • Rugged 600D fabric
  • Two "hold-open" shell pockets for easy and quick access to your shells
  • Large game pouch with a TechMesh bottom to allow condensation to drain easily
  • Pockets can be removed or adjusted for personal preference and easy cleaning
  • 2" webbing waist belt with a durable SR buckle

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Alps Outdoors, Deluxe Dove Belt, Shadow Grass Habitat Q&A

What makes the Deluxe Dove Belt's design special?
Its 'hold-open' shell pockets and TechMesh bottom large game bag.
What color options does the Deluxe Dove Belt come in?
Solid Brown and Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat.
What material is the Deluxe Dove Belt made of?
Durable 600D fabric.
How can I customize the Deluxe Dove Belt?
By removing or re-positioning the pockets as needed.
What is the TechMesh bottom used for?
It allows drainage and air circulation to keep the game fresh.
What are the belt's dimensions?
It has a 2" webbing waist belt.
What type of buckle does the belt have?
A durable SR buckle.
Is the water bottle pouch suitable for condensation drainage?
Yes, it is designed for drainage and air circulation.
Can I use the Deluxe Dove Belt for dog training?
Yes, it is suitable for dog training use.
What types of hunting is the Deluxe Dove Belt suitable for?
Dove hunting, upland hunting, and bird hunting.

Item Specifications

BrandAlps Outdoors
ProductDeluxe Dove Belt
DesignNew and improved, "hold-open" shell pocket
Color OptionsBrown, Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat
Customizable FeaturesRemovable or re-positionable pockets with snap-button belt loop panels
Game Bag FeaturesLarge size, TechMesh bottom for condensation drainage and air circulation
Additional PocketsWater bottle pouch with drainage and air circulation features
Construction MaterialRugged 600D fabric
Waist Belt Features2" webbing with a durable SR buckle
UsesDove hunting game bag, upland hunting game bag, dog training belt, camo game belt, camo game bag, bird hunting game bag, dove hunting, game bag, upland hunting, bird hunting

Alps Outdoors Deluxe Dove Belt: New Design for Convenient Hunting

Introducing the Alps Outdoors Deluxe Dove Belt with Shadow Grass Habitat, specifically designed to elevate your hunting experience. The new and improved design, featuring 'hold-open' shell pockets and a large game bag with TechMesh bottom, keeps your shells and game fresh throughout your early-season hunts.

With two 'hold-open' shell pockets, the Deluxe Dove Belt provides quick access to your shells, ensuring your hunting experience is as seamless and convenient as possible. Plus, the belt comes in two color options – solid Brown and Mossy Oak Shadow Grass Habitat.

The Deluxe Dove Belt's large game bag has a TechMesh bottom that allows condensation to drain easily while maximizing air circulation, keeping your game fresh on warm hunts. Meanwhile, the water bottle pouch ensures that you stay hydrated and ready for action.

Designed with rugged 600D fabric, the Deluxe Dove Belt guarantees durability for your hunting adventures. It also features a 2" webbing waist belt with a durable SR buckle, accommodating your needs on the field.

Customize your Deluxe Dove Belt with the removable and adjustable pockets. Whether you're using it for dove hunting, upland hunting, bird hunting or as a dog training belt, the Deluxe Dove Belt is perfect for all your outdoor activities.

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