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The K-9 Kondo Dog Den 2 - is the ultimate insulated dog house designed to provide comfort, durability, and lasting shelter for your dog. With a spacious interior measuring approximately 24" tall, 24" deep, and 34" long, this dog house is recommended for dogs weighing up to 105 pounds.

Constructed with high-quality materials, the Dog Den 2 features 1" insulation in the roof, 3/4" insulation in the walls, and 1/2" insulation in the floor, ensuring your dog stays cozy and protected in all weather conditions. The galvanized steel lid, floor, floor liner, door/cowl, and trim, along with UV-treated plastic walls, guarantee long-lasting durability. In fact, many Dog Den 2 models from K-9 Kondo's 20 years of production are still in use today, making this a truly timeless investment for your dog's well-being.

Designed for convenience and easy maintenance, the Dog Den 2 is equipped with latches on each end of the lid, allowing for simple removal and access to the interior. The removable floor liner makes cleaning out old bedding and debris a breeze.

Experience the lasting quality and comfort of the K-9 Kondo Dog Den 2, the perfect insulated dog house for your beloved pet. With free shipping included, there's no better time to upgrade your dog's home with the Dog Den 2.

Heater sold separately.

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K-9 Kondo, Dog Den 2 Q&A

What are the external dimensions of the Dog Den 2?
The dimensions are approximately 24 inches tall, 24 inches deep, and 34 inches long.
What is the weight capacity of the Dog Den 2?
It can accommodate dogs weighing 105 pounds or less.
Do the walls, floor, and roof of the Dog Den 2 have insulation?
Yes, the roof has 1-inch insulation, the walls have 3/4-inch insulation, and the floor has 1/2-inch insulation.
Can the floor liner be easily cleaned?
Yes, it's removable for convenient cleaning.
What materials are used in constructing the Dog Den 2?
UV-treated plastic walls and galvanized steel components are used.
How long has K-9 Kondo been producing the Dog Den 2?
The Dog Den 2 has been produced for the last 20 years.
How heavy is the Dog Den 2?
It weighs approximately 58 pounds.
Is the lid of the Dog Den 2 easily removable?
Yes, it is attached with latches on each end for easy access.
How long is the shipping lead time for the Dog Den 2?
There is an approximate 4-week lead time on shipping.
Are there any longevity records for the Dog Den 2?
Yes, many 20-year-old Dog Dens are still in use today.

Item Specifications

Lead time on shippingApproximately 4 weeks
External dimensions24" tall x 24" deep x 34" long
Approximate weight58 pounds
Recommended for dogs weighing105 pounds or less
Insulation (roof/lid, walls, floor)1" in roof/lid, 3/4" in walls, 1/2" in floor
Lid attachmentLatches on each end for easy removal
Floor linerRemovable, simplifies cleaning
Construction materials (lid, floor, etc)Galvanized steel
Construction materials (walls)UV-treated plastic
Durability20-year-old units still in use today
ManufacturerK-9 Kondo

K-9 Kondo Dog Den 2: The Perfect Insulated Home for Your Dog

Introducing the K-9 Kondo Dog Den 2, a top-of-the-line, durable, and insulated dog house designed to make your dog feel comfortable and protected. Built with high-quality materials, this dog house can withstand the test of time, making it a great investment for your beloved companion.

The Dog Den 2 is perfect for dogs weighing up to 105 pounds, with dimensions of 24 inches tall, 24 inches deep, and 34 inches long. It combines functionality and convenience, featuring a floor liner that is easily removable to make cleaning a breeze.

This insulated dog house is an excellent choice for keeping your dog snug and cozy in any weather conditions, with insulation ranging from 1-inch in the roof to half an inch in the floor. Crafted with UV-treated plastic walls and galvanized steel for added durability, your dog will have the best home possible for years to come.

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