• K-9 Kondo, Barrel Kit
  • K-9 Kondo, Barrel Kit
  • K-9 Kondo, Barrel Kit
  • K-9 Kondo, Barrel Kit

K-9 Kondo, Barrel Kit

by K-9 Kondo Item #: 1155100-00009
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The K-9 Kondo Kit is designed to be used with a 55-gallon plastic barrel!!!

Why the Affordable K-9 Kondo Kit is the absolute very best dog house of its kind:

The Experts Know -
The K-9 Kondo is the best and most durable, economical, and long-lasting dog house available today. And you can find the proof in the kennels of some of today's most respected sportsmen, police departments, and animal shelters.

Here's Why -
The K-9 Kondo is more than durable... it's practically indestructible. It's rot-proof and insect-proof. And it's the only dog house on the market guaranteed to be completely chew-proof. You'll never need another dog house.

It's Convenient -
The K-9 Kondo is convenient. It's lightweight so it can be moved to or from a truck with ease, and cleanup is a breeze. You don't have to worry about water absorbing into a wooded floor, or even moving it. Simply clean inside or underneath with a hose.

It's Affordable -
Feature for feature, this affordable dog house is comparable to other manufactured dog houses that cost twice as much. Since it will last a lifetime, the K-9 Kondo even offers substantial savings in time, energy, and money. The affordable K-9 Kondo is much longer-lasting than a homemade dog house that will need to be replaced.

Dogs Love It -
The K-9 Kondo dog house isn't just preferred by dog owners, it's preferred by dogs as well. When given the choice, dogs almost always choose the comfort of the K-9 Kondo over the other types of dog houses available.

Why Dogs Love the K-9 Kondo Dog House -

Its Natural Shape -
Research shows that dogs prefer to sleep in shallow, curved holes. The curved, natural shape of the interior surface of the K-9 Kondo effectively satisfies this natural "nesting" preference. As a result, dogs take to the K-9 Kondo better than any other type of dog house. And they are guaranteed to stay warm too.

It's Warm -
With the K-9 Kondo, your dog won't have to worry about freezing his or her tail off. Guaranteed "winter warm," tests show that K-9 Kondo equals or exceeds the warmth of the other manufactured pet houses.

It's Cool -
The K-9 Kondo is even guaranteed to be "summer cool." With a unique ventilation system and heat shield deck, the interior stays within two degrees of shade temperature, even in direct sunlight. And dogs just love to sun themselves on the deck.

It's Dry -
Unlike other dog flaps and doggie doors that channel rain inside, the K-9 Kondo rain shield and kennel door prevents even wind-driven rain from getting inside. Even with six inches of standing water outside, the dog flap for the K-9 Kondo is designed to keep your dog warm and dry as a bone.

Each K-9 Kondo comes backed by a five-year (see warranty page for details).

Plywood deck and barrel are not included.


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