• Dan's Hunting Gear, Snake Protector Chaps

Dan's Hunting Gear, Snake Protector Chaps

by Dan's Hunting Gear Item #: 1154240-M
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Stay Safe with Our Snake Protector Chaps
The Dan's Hunting Gear Snake Protector Chaps with Magnatuff Plus fabric (1000 denier polyester) will give you the protection you need from poisonous snakes.

The 24" side zipper will make putting these chaps on and off a snap. Pick the size that works for you.

Made in the USA!

Many sizes to choose from so pick the size that's best for you.


THIGH WIDTHS: Chaps should fit loosely for maximum comfort. To determine your correct size, measure around the biggest part of your thigh and add 2" - 3".
INSEAM: For correct length, subtract 2" - 3" from your normal jeans inseam.

Dan’s Hunting Gear has been making snake protection chaps for many years with excellent results. However, Dogs Unlimited LLC or Dan’s Hunting Gear cannot assume liability from injury resulting from the use of this product, as a protection from snakes. The wearer must assume full responsibility for any injury incurred while using this product.

Size Chart

THIGH WIDTH (IN)26283032

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Dan's Hunting Gear, Snake Protector Chaps Q&A

What makes these snake protector chaps durable?
Magnatuff Plus fabric (1000 denier polyester) ensures durability.
How easy is it to put on and off the chaps?
The 24 inch side zipper makes it easy to put on and off.
Are these chaps unisex?
Yes, they are designed for both men and women.
How do I determine the correct size?
Measure around the largest part of your thigh and add 2-3 inches, subtract 2-3 inches from your jeans inseam for the correct length.
Where are these chaps made?
They are proudly made in the USA.
What kind of protection do these chaps offer?
They provide protection from poisonous snakes.
Are the chaps adjustable?
Yes, they have adjustable thigh width and inseam measurements.
Do these chaps come in different sizes?
Yes, they are available in various sizes.
What is the recommended use for these chaps?
They are perfect for upland hunting and other outdoor activities.
Which brand makes these snake protector chaps?
Dan's Hunting Gear is the brand that makes these chaps.

Item Specifications

BrandDan's Hunting Gear
ProductSnake Protector Chaps
MaterialMagnatuff Plus fabric (1000 denier polyester)
ProtectionFrom poisonous snakes
Additional Feature24" side zipper
UsageEasy to put on and take off
Sizes OfferedMany sizing options
Chap Sizing GuideMeasure thigh width, add 2"-3" for correct size
Inseam Sizing GuideSubtract 2"-3" from normal jeans inseam for correct length
ManufacturingMade in the USA
Snake Protection ExperienceYears of successful results
Liability DisclaimerNo liability assumed for injury resulting from product use
Responsibility DisclaimerWearer assumes full responsibility for injuries while using the product
Also Known AsSnake chaps, upland hunting chaps, hunting chaps

Get The Best Snake Protector Chaps by Dan's Hunting Gear

Protect yourself with Dan's Hunting Gear Snake Protector Chaps, designed to provide essential protection against poisonous snakes. With Magnatuff Plus fabric and 24 inch side zip, you can rest assured knowing you are safe when out in nature.

Looking for a durable and reliable pair of snake chaps? Look no further than Dan's Hunting Gear, offering snake protector chaps with a 24 inch side zipper, which makes putting chaps on and off a breeze. Go on your adventure with confidence, knowing you're protected.

With unisex sizing options and adjustable measurements, our Snake Protector Chaps by Dan's Hunting Gear provide the perfect fit for anyone. Get your versatile and highly effective snake chaps today and head out into the great outdoors worry-free!