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The Ultimate Strap Vest is a high-quality hunting vest that combines style, convenience, and durability. Designed for both early and late-season hunting, this versatile vest is perfect for any hunting expedition. With ample storage features, including two zippered cargo pockets, a designated pocket for your GPS/e-collar handheld, a water bottle pocket, and a smartphone pocket, you can keep all your essential gear within easy reach.

One of the unique selling points of Dan's Hunting Gear Ultimate Strap Vest is its resilient construction. This vest is both briar-proof and water-resistant, ensuring that you can navigate through tough spots without worrying about damage or wear. Additionally, it includes a game bag for storing your quarry, making it a truly functional piece of hunting gear.

The Ultimate Strap Vest is designed in a striking Blaze Orange color, ensuring high visibility and safety during your hunting trips. Its one-size-fits-most design makes it a perfect fit for any hunter.

The Ultimate Strap Vest from Dan's Hunting Gear is an investment in comfort, functionality, and efficiency. Make your hunting experience the best it can be with this high-quality, versatile hunting vest.
  • 2 zipper Cargo Pockets
  • Garmin GPS/e-collar Handheld Pocket
  • Water Bottle Pocket
  • Smart Phone Pocket
  • Game bag
  • 2 D-rings for Lanyards
  • Elastic Loop for Squallers
  • #10 YKK Zip-up Front
  • Briarproof
  • Water Resistant

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Dan's Hunting Gear, Ultimate Strap Vest, Orange Q&A

What material is the Ultimate Strap Vest made of?
The vest is made of briar-proof and water-resistant material.
Which pocket is specifically designed for GPS devices?
There is a dedicated Garmin GPS/e-collar handheld pocket.
What is the main purpose of the zippered cargo pockets?
The 2 zippered cargo pockets provide additional storage space for hunting essentials.
What type of hunting is this vest suitable for?
The Ultimate Strap Vest is great for duck and upland bird hunting.
What seasons is the vest suitable for?
The Ultimate Strap Vest is suitable for both early and late-season hunting.
What type of closure does the vest have?
It features a #10 YKK Zip-up front closure.
Can I store my smartphone in the vest?
Yes, there is a dedicated smartphone pocket.
What is the vest's color?
The vest comes in Blaze Orange.
Are there additional accessories included?
Yes, the vest includes 2 D-rings for lanyards and an elastic loop for squallers.
Does the vest cater to different sizes?
The Ultimate Strap Vest is one size fits most.

Item Specifications

Product NameDan's Hunting Gear - Ultimate Strap Vest
Suitable SeasonEarly season and late season
Pockets2 cargo pockets, GPS/e-collar handheld pocket, water bottle pocket, smartphone pocket
Additional FeaturesGame bag, 2 D-rings for lanyards, elastic loop for squallers
Front#10 YKK Zip-up
MaterialBriarproof, water resistant
usageDuck hunting, upland bird hunting, hunting gear
BrandDan's Hunting Gear
SizeOne size fits most

Blaze Orange Ultimate Strap Vest by Dan's Hunting Gear - The Perfect Hunting Accessory

Introducing the Ultimate Strap Vest from Dan's Hunting Gear, designed with the modern hunter in mind. Now available in Blaze Orange, this versatile vest offers exceptional comfort and functionality for both early and late-season hunting.

Stay protected and organized with the Ultimate Strap Vest's numerous features, including zippered cargo pockets, a GPS/e-collar handheld pocket, a water bottle pocket, a smartphone pocket, and a game bag to secure your prized catches.

Designed to be briar-proof and water-resistant, the Ultimate Strap Vest allows you to tackle tough spots and challenging environments while hunting your favorite grounds. Its compatibility with layered outfits ensures optimal warmth and comfort throughout your hunts.

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