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Experience the ultimate comfort and convenience during your hunting adventures with the Dog Days Vest from Dan's Hunting Gear. This vest is specifically designed for those hot training days, ensuring you stay cool and efficient.

One of the unique selling points of this vest is its mesh shoulders and back. This feature promotes breathability, keeping you as cool as possible when you're in action. Whether you're chasing dogs or game, this vest ensures your comfort is not compromised.

The Dog Days Vest also stands out for its practicality. It is equipped with numerous pockets, providing ample storage space for all your essential gear. This means you'll have everything you need right at your fingertips while in the field.

The vest comes in a versatile brown color, adding a touch of style while also serving a practical purpose. The brown hue allows you to blend in with your surroundings, making you less noticeable to others around you.

Please note, items shown in pockets are not included with the purchase of the vest.

The Dog Days Vest is available in various sizes, including Medium, Large, X-Large, and 2X-Large, ensuring a perfect fit for everyone. Invest in Dan's Hunting Gear Dog Days Vest and enjoy a seamless hunting experience, even on the hottest of days.
  • Mesh Shoulders and Back
  • Cell Phone Pocket (fits any size smart phone!)
  • Security Zipper Pocket for score card
  • Expandable cargo pockets
  • Water Bottle Pouch
  • E-Collar/GPS Pocket

Size Chart

Chest Measurements37 - 4041 - 4445 - 4849 - 52

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Dan's Hunting Gear, Dog Days Vest, Brown with Mesh Back Q&A

How is the Dog Days Vest designed for hot training days?
The vest features mesh shoulders and back for maximum breathability and comfort.
What types of hunting is the vest suitable for?
It is perfect for squirrel hunting, duck hunting, and dog training.
What are some of the pockets included in the vest?
The vest has a cell phone pocket, expandable cargo pockets, a water bottle pouch, and a security zipper pocket.
What color is the Dog Days Vest?
The vest comes in an inconspicuous brown color.
What brand manufactures the Dog Days Vest?
Dan's Hunting Gear.
How can I carry a smart phone in this vest?
The specifically designed cell phone pocket can fit any size smart phone.
What pocket is included for electronic devices?
The vest has an E-collar/GPS pocket.
Is the vest compatible with score cards?
Yes, there is a security zipper pocket for score cards.
Can I carry a water bottle in this vest?
Yes, the vest features a water bottle pouch.
What is the main benefit of the mesh back?
The mesh back provides breathability and keeps you cool during hot training days.

Item Specifications

BrandDan's Hunting Gear
Product NameDog Days Vest
MaterialMesh Back
Suitable for Hot DaysYes
PocketsCell Phone Pocket, Security Zipper Pocket, Cargo Pockets
Additional FeaturesWater Bottle Pouch, E-Collar/GPS Pocket
Various UsesSquirrel hunting vest, duck hunting vest, dog training vest

Dan's Hunting Gear Dog Days Vest: Ultimate Comfort and Convenience for Hunting Enthusiasts

Introducing the Dog Days Vest from Dan's Hunting Gear, a must-have for those in the sweltering heat and game training. With mesh shoulders and back, stay cool and comfortable during intense hunting sessions.

This versatile vest is perfect for squirrel, duck, or dog training, complete with security zipper pockets, expandable cargo pockets, a cell phone pocket, and a water bottle pouch. Stay organized in the field while focusing on the hunt.

Designed for durability and comfort, the brown Dog Days Vest is not only breathable but also inconspicuous in nature. Carry all essentials, including an E-collar/GPS pocket, as you blend seamlessly into your surroundings.

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