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Unleash your hunting prowess with the Upland Game Vest by Dan's Hunting Gear. This expertly crafted vest is essential gear for bird hunters and dog trainers seeking both functionality and style. The vibrant orange color ensures high visibility for safety, making you easily distinguishable in the field.

One of the distinguishing features of this vest is its shooting pads. Designed to accommodate both left and right-handed shooters, these pads provide maximum comfort and protection during your hunting excursions. The vest's pleated shoulders allow for unrestricted movement, ensuring your shots are never compromised by your gear.

Storage is paramount in any hunting trip, and this vest has it in abundance. The Upland Game Vest comes equipped with a front/side loading game bag for easy access to your game. It also features 2 hand warmer pockets to maintain your comfort during chilly weather. Furthermore, the 2 snap-down cargo pockets and 2 diagonal zipper cargo pockets provide ample room for all your hunting essentials.

Finding the right fit is no problem with the Upland Game Vest. Dan's Hunting Gear offers a wide range of sizes from Medium to 2X-Large, ensuring a perfect fit for maximum comfort and efficiency on your hunting trips.

The Upland Game Vest by Dan's Hunting Gear is more than just a vest. It's a fusion of functionality, comfort, and style. Experience the freedom of unrestricted movement and the convenience of ample storage with this standout product. Whether you're a bird hunter or a dog trainer, this vest is the perfect addition to your hunting gear. Embrace the hunt with Dan's Hunting Gear.
  • 2 Hand Warmer Pockets
  • 2 Snap-down Cargo Pockets
  • 2 Diagonal Zipper Cargo Pockets
  • 1 Chest Security Pocket
  • D-Rings for Electronic Holder. (Sold Separately)
  • Made in U.S.A.

Size Chart

Chest Measurements (IN)37 - 4041 - 4445 - 4849 - 52

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Dan's Hunting Gear, Upland Game Vest, Orange Q&A

What makes this vest great for bird hunters?
The vest has shooting pads, pleated shoulders, and front/side loading game bag for easy access.
What type of pockets does the Upland Game Vest offer?
It has hand warmer pockets, snap-down cargo pockets, and diagonal zipper cargo pockets.
Can both left and right-handed shooters use this vest?
Yes, it has shooting pads for both left and right-handed shooters.
What is the vest made of?
It's made using high-quality materials in the USA.
Is there a chest security pocket?
Yes, there is a chest security pocket for added storage.
What type of movement does the pleated shoulders provide?
The pleated shoulders allow for unrestricted movement when shooting.
What electronic holder can be used with the D-Rings?
An electronic holder can be attached, but sold separately.
Which hunting vests is this best for?
It's perfect for bird hunting and dog training vests.
What colors are available?
The vest is available in orange for visibility.
Can I also use this vest for pheasant and duck hunting?
Yes, the Upland Game Vest is suitable for pheasant and duck hunting too.

Item Specifications

BrandDan's Hunting Gear
ProductUpland Game Vest
Features- Shooting pads for both left and right-handed shooters
Made inU.S.A.
Suitable forBird hunters and dog trainers
TypesUpland hunting vest, bird hunting vest, hunting dog training vest, orange hunting vest, pheasant hunting vest, duck hunting vest

Upgrade Your Hunting Experience with Dan's Hunting Gear Upland Game Vest

Elevate your bird hunting and dog training experience with Dan's Hunting Gear's premium Upland Game Vest. Designed with the serious hunter in mind, the vests' features provide optimal functionality for an exceptional experience.

The Upland Game Vest boasts left and right-handed shooting pads, pleated shoulders for unrestricted movement, and a front/side loading game bag for easy access. It enables hunters to shoot comfortably and easily retrieve their game.

With an abundance of storage, the vest includes 2 hand warmer pockets, 2 snap-down cargo pockets, and 2 diagonal zipper cargo pockets. This ample storage ensures all valuables remain safe during long days in the field.

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