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  • DU by Mud River, Deluxe Dog Vest, Habitat

DU by Mud River, Deluxe Dog Vest, Habitat

by Mud River Item #: 1262183-M
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Keep Your Dog Warm and Concealed on Frigid Waterfowl Hunts
Experience the ultimate in canine concealment and comfort with the Ducks Unlimited by Mud River Deluxe Dog Vest in the Habitat camo pattern. Perfectly suited for waterfowl hunting trips, this vest ensures your dog remains hidden from overhead birds while providing essential warmth on those frigid early morning hunts.

Crafted from superior 5mm Spandura neoprene, this deluxe vest is not only durable but also provides excellent insulation. Its full-length zipper cover features a Velcro closure to keep out mud and debris, ensuring your dog stays clean and comfortable throughout the hunt.

Ease of handling is a key feature of this vest, with top handles designed to assist in lifting your dog into a boat or onto a dock. The addition of D-rings enhances control, allowing for easy leash attachment.

The DU by Mud River Deluxe Dog Vest offers a tapered cut for a snug fit and can be customized to suit your dog's body shape perfectly. With size options ranging from Medium to 3x-large, you can find the perfect fit for your hunting companion.

Experience the benefits of warmth, camouflage, and enhanced control with the DU by Mud River Deluxe Dog Vest in Habitat Camo. Get ready for a more successful and comfortable hunting experience for both you and your dog.
  • Constructed of 5mm Spandura neoprene
  • Can be customized to fit your dog’s body
  • Full-length velcro zipper cover
  • Double-tacked seams
  • Handles for easy pick up of your dog
  • D-Rings for leash attachment
  • Tapered cut

Size Chart

Neck (IN)Chest (IN)

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DU by Mud River, Deluxe Dog Vest, Habitat Q&A

What material is the dog vest made of?
The dog vest is made of 5mm Spandura neoprene.
Can the vest be customized to fit my dog's body?
Yes, the vest features a tapered cut and can be customized to fit your dog's body.
Is the vest suitable for waterfowl hunting?
Yes, the vest is designed with a Habitat camo pattern, ideal for waterfowl hunting.
Does the vest have any leash attachment options?
Yes, the vest has D-rings for leash attachment.
How do I pick up my dog with this vest?
The vest features top handles that allow you to easily pick up your dog.
What is the purpose of the Velcro zipper cover?
The Velcro zipper cover helps keep out mud and debris.
Is the dog vest durable?
Yes, the dog vest has double-tacked seams for durability.
How does the vest keep my dog warm?
The 5mm Spandura neoprene construction provides insulation to keep your dog warm.
What is the main benefit of the DU by Mud River Deluxe Dog Vest?
The main benefit is keeping your dog concealed and warm during waterfowl hunts.
Is the vest easy to put on and take off?
Yes, the vest features a full-length zipper for easy wear and removal.

Item Specifications

BrandDU by Mud River
ProductDeluxe Dog Vest
PatternHabitat camo
Material5mm Spandura neoprene
CustomizationCan be customized to fit dog's body
Zipper coverFull-length, with Velcro closure
HandlesTop handles for easy pick up
D-ringsFor leash attachment
UsesWaterfowl hunting, keeping dog concealed and warm, Neoprene protection

Keep Your Dog Hidden and Protected during Waterfowl Hunts - DU Mud River Deluxe Dog Vest

Stay concealed and protect your dog during waterfowl hunts with the DU by Mud River Deluxe Dog Vest. It features a Habitat camo pattern, which keeps your dog hidden from the overhead waterfowl to ensure a successful hunting trip.

Ensure your dog stays warm during those early morning hunts with the 5mm Spandura neoprene construction. This premium material ensures maximal insulation, while also providing essential protection against mud and debris.

Don't worry about sizing - this DU by Mud River dog vest is designed with a tapered cut, allowing it to be customized to fit your dog's body. The full-length Velcro zipper cover provides additional adjustability for the perfect fit.

Secure your dog safely and easily with top handles and D-rings for leash attachment. This essential feature allows you to have control over your dog while on the hunt, and also simplifies the process of getting back onto a boat or a dock.

Invest in peace of mind with the double-tacked seams, ensuring the durability and long-lasting quality of your Deluxe Dog Vest. Trust in the DU by Mud River brand for unbeatable hunting companionship.

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