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  • Quail Restraint Harness

Quail Restraint Harness

Item #: 1031401-M
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Upgrade Your Hunting Dog's Training with Quail Restraint Harness - Plain or Spiked Options Available
$11.99 - $15.99$11.99
Experience an optimal hunting dog training routine with the Quail Restraint Harness. This remarkable product is designed to refine your dog's retrieval skills while ensuring the safety of your game birds, preventing severe biting. Whether you prefer the Plain or Spiked variant, this versatile product caters to all your training needs.

The Quail Restraint Harness is crafted from robust, long-lasting materials, making it resilient enough to endure rigorous training sessions. Its primary function is to teach your hunting dog to handle game birds delicately, thereby avoiding damage to the bird and guaranteeing a successful retrieve.

The Quail Restraint Harness boasts an intuitive design featuring a built-in D-ring, which facilitates the attachment of a thin yet sturdy cord. This unique feature allows the bird to fly the length of the cord during training sessions, offering your dog an authentic hunting experience.

Maximize your training sessions by pairing the Quail Restraint Harness with an Original Tip-Up Bird Release or remote releaser. This combination enables you to anchor the bird and reuse it for multiple training sessions, saving costs on additional training birds.

The Spiked variant of the Quail Restraint Harness provides an added level of control. This innovative feature subtly discourages your dog from biting the bird too hard, fostering a gentle but effective training routine.

Elevate your hunting dog's training with the Quail Restraint Harness and enjoy the advantages of our meticulously designed Quail Harness. Trust in the reliability and effectiveness of our Quail Restraint Harness as it delivers the ultimate training aid for your hunting dog. With options of Plain or Spiked, the Quail Restraint Harness is a cost-effective and efficient solution in preventing severe biting and saving you money on training birds.

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Quail Restraint Harness Q&A

What is the main purpose of the Quail Restraint Harness?
Improving a hunting dog's game bird retrieval skills.
What are the two available options for the harness?
Plain or Spiked.
What attachment does the harness have for cording?
A D-ring.
What devices can be used as an anchor for the harness?
Tip-Up Bird Release or remote releasers.
How does using a Quail Restraint Harness save money?
It allows for the reuse of training birds.
Which animals is the harness specifically designed for?
Quail and other game birds.
What is the primary training benefit of the harness?
It discourages dogs from biting down too hard on game birds.
Is the Quail Restraint Harness easy to handle?
Yes, it has a simple handling system.
How does the harness function for repeated bird use?
It allows the bird to fly the length of the cording during training.
What aspect of dog behavior is improved with the Quail Restraint Harness?
It improves game bird retrieving skills and bite control.

Item Specifications

Quail Restraint HarnessA device used to discourage biting during game bird retrieving exercises
Plain or SpikedTwo different variations of the harness
D-ringAttachment for thin, strong cording
CordingAllows the bird to fly the length of the cord
Tip-Up Bird ReleaseAnchor device for bird release during training
Remote ReleaserAlternative anchor option for bird release
Hunting dog trainingThe process of training dogs for hunting
Game bird retrievingRetrieval of birds during hunting exercises
Bird handling equipmentTools used for handling birds
Training equipmentDevices used for training purposes
Dog behaviorSpecific actions performed by dogs
Game bird protectionKeeping game birds safe and unharmed during training

Quail Restraint Harness - Train Your Dog for Efficient Game Bird Retrieval

The Quail Restraint Harness is the perfect training tool for hunting dogs, ensuring they efficiently retrieve game birds without causing damage. With two options, plain or spiked, the harness teaches dogs to avoid biting down too hard during retrieval exercises.

Using the D-ring attachment on the Quail Restraint Harness, trainers can attach thin and strong cord, allowing game birds to fly along the length of the cording. This method is even more effective with the integration of Tip-Up Bird Release or a remote releaser, as it enables repeated use of the same bird, ultimately saving on training costs.

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