• Pigeon Restraint Harness

Pigeon Restraint Harness

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Efficient Dog Training with Pigeon Restraint Harness
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The Pigeon Restraint Harness, in either Plain or Spiked, is a great hunting dog training tool for a couple of reasons. First, it's a great way to reduce your dog training costs by allowing you to use pigeons over and over. Use the D-ring and some lightweight cording attached to an anchor, Tip-Up Bird Releaser, remote bird releaser, or something as simple as a stick or horseshoe. This is perfect if you don't have ready access to homing pigeons. Second, the spikes, though relatively gentle, will keep your dog from crunching down on retrieved birds.

Use the Pigeon Restraint Harness for many different training scenarios including working on stop to flush, retrieving, when introducing your puppy to birds, etc.

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Pigeon Restraint Harness Q&A

What is the purpose of a Pigeon Restraint Harness?
The harness is designed to efficiently train hunting dogs and reduce training costs.
How does the Pigeon Restraint Harness help reduce costs?
It allows you to reuse pigeons throughout training, saving time and money.
What are the gentle spikes on the harness used for?
The spikes prevent the dog from harming retrieved birds and promote better training habits.
What training scenarios can the Pigeon Restraint Harness be used for?
It can be used in various scenarios like stop to flush, retrieving, and introducing puppies to birds.
How do I attach the Pigeon Restraint Harness to an anchor or object?
Use lightweight cording to attach the harness to your preferred anchor or object.
What is a Tip-Up Bird Releaser?
It's a remote bird releaser that can be used with the Pigeon Restraint Harness for training.
Is the Pigeon Restraint Harness suitable for both puppies and experienced dogs?
Yes, it's perfect for introducing puppies to birds as well as training experienced hunting dogs.
What are the available options for the Pigeon Restraint Harness?
The harness comes in either Plain or Spiked options.
Do I need access to homing pigeons to use the Pigeon Restraint Harness?
No, the harness is ideal for those without access to homing pigeons.
What benefits can I expect from using the Pigeon Restraint Harness in training?
You'll experience reduced training costs, better training habits, and versatility in different scenarios.

Item Specifications

Pigeon Restraint HarnessHunting dog training tool
Plain or SpikedTwo design variations
Reduce dog training costsAllows use of pigeons over and over
D-ringAttach lightweight cording to an anchor
Tip-Up Bird ReleaserAnchor option for pigeon restraint
Remote bird releaserAlternative anchor option
Gentle spikesPrevent dog from crunching on retrieval
Various training scenariosStop to flush, retrieving, bird introduction

Pigeon Restraint Harness: An Efficient Tool for Dog Training

The Pigeon Restraint Harness offers an effective approach to hunting dog training, reducing costs and helping your dog learn crucial skills. By using pigeons as a training tool, you can ensure a consistent and realistic experience for your dog.

Designed for simplicity and ease of use, the Pigeon Restraint Harness can be attached to an anchor, Tip-Up Bird Releaser, or other object with lightweight cording. This setup allows you to reuse pigeons throughout training, saving you time and money.

The gentle spikes featured on the Pigeon Restraint Harness help prevent your dog from harming retrieved birds, promoting better training habits. This device can be employed in various training scenarios, from introducing puppies to birds to perfecting the stop to flush technique.