• Endless October, Season 2 by Randy Schultz

Endless October, Season 2 by Randy Schultz

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"The old boy is gone now. When he was young, you couldn't wipe the grin off my face. He was fast and sure, didn't bump birds, and retrieved to hand. He was a bull in the field, no matter the cover or terrain. He was bold and very sure of himself. I would bite my tongue to keep from bragging about him."

If you ever had a bird dog that made you feel like that, or if you ever wanted one, this book is for you. This collection of stories explores the dogs, the birds and where they live, and the hunters, ranchers, and farmers along the way. Some days, the author can't shoot straight to save his soul. Some days, he's a laser beam, dead on with his trusty 20 ga. All the while, his bird dogs have ups and downs, encounters with other animals, weather, sheer, rock faces, and trials of all kinds. It's a lifestyle most don't know exists, but for those hardy few involved, it is a soul saver. By God's Grace, Randy looks forward to an Endless October.

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