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  • Endless October, Season 2 by Randy Schultz

Endless October, Season 2 by Randy Schultz

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Discover the Thrill of Bird Hunting with Dogs
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"The old boy is gone now. When he was young, you couldn't wipe the grin off my face. He was fast and sure, didn't bump birds, and retrieved to hand. He was a bull in the field, no matter the cover or terrain. He was bold and very sure of himself. I would bite my tongue to keep from bragging about him."

If you ever had a bird dog that made you feel like that, or if you ever wanted one, this book is for you. This collection of stories explores the dogs, the birds and where they live, and the hunters, ranchers, and farmers along the way. Some days, the author can't shoot straight to save his soul. Some days, he's a laser beam, dead on with his trusty 20 ga. All the while, his bird dogs have ups and downs, encounters with other animals, weather, sheer, rock faces, and trials of all kinds. It's a lifestyle most don't know exists, but for those hardy few involved, it is a soul saver. By God's Grace, Randy looks forward to an Endless October.

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Endless October, Season 2 by Randy Schultz Q&A

What is the main theme of the book?
The main theme is the bond between bird hunting dogs and their handlers.
Which type of hunting does the book focus on?
The book focuses on bird hunting.
Who is the author?
Randy Schultz is the author.
What is the title of the book?
Endless October, Season 2.
What type of dogs feature in the stories?
Upland hunting dogs feature in the stories.
Are there any challenges faced in the stories?
Yes, dogs and hunters face challenges in the field, weather, terrains, and other elements.
What kind of experiences do the handlers and dogs share?
They share thrilling hunts, adventures, and strong camaraderie.
Do the stories involve any other people besides hunters?
Yes, the stories also involve ranchers and farmers.
Who are the primary focus of these stories?
The primary focus is on the dogs and hunters in the bird hunting world.
Is there an underlying message in the book?
The underlying message is about the power of God's Grace in the lives of hunters and dogs.

Item Specifications

TitleEndless October, Season 2
AuthorRandy Schultz
GenreBird hunting stories
Main themesHunting with dogs, upland hunting dogs, bird hunting, relationships with hunters, ranchers, and farmers
Significant elementsEncounters with other animals, weather, terrain, shooting accuracy
ToneAppreciative, nostalgic, passionate

Endless October, Season 2: Unforgettable Bird Hunting Tales

Dive into Endless October, Season 2 by Randy Schultz, a captivating collection of bird hunting stories that showcases the incredible bond between skilled dogs and their handlers. Experience the excitement of the hunt, the ups and downs of life in the field, and the joy brought to those who share this unique lifestyle.

Unearth the beauty of adventurous bird hunting, explore the relationship between upland hunting dogs and their owners, and discover the passion that ignites within as you embark on this thrilling journey in Randy Schultz's Endless October, Season 2.

From the fast and sure dogs that make the hunt worthwhile, to the human companions they share it with, Randy Schultz's Endless October, Season 2 brings you unforgettable stories that highlight the power of teamwork and friendship in the wild world of bird hunting.

Explore the untapped world of bird hunting with upland hunting dogs in Randy Schultz's Endless October, Season 2. Immerse yourself in the rich experiences of hunters, ranchers, and farmers as they traverse the fields, weather the elements, and bond with their loyal canine companions.

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