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  • WetMutt, WetMat, 34" X 22"
  • WetMutt, WetMat, 34" X 22"
  • WetMutt, WetMat, 34" X 22"
  • WetMutt, WetMat, 34" X 22"
  • WetMutt, WetMat, 34" X 22"
  • WetMutt, WetMat, 34" X 22"
  • WetMutt, WetMat, 34" X 22"
  • WetMutt, WetMat, 34" X 22"

WetMutt, WetMat, 34" X 22"

by Wetmutt Item #: 1328300-M
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Discover Ultimate Comfort with WetMutt WetMat: Perfect for Dogs, Boats & Beyond!
Unveil the ultimate comfort for your dogs with the WetMutt WetMat. This versatile 34" x 22" mat is more than just a kennel pad. Designed to withstand various conditions and situations, the WetMutt WetMat ensures a cozy and relaxing space for your dogs, anywhere, anytime.

The WetMutt WetMat leverages closed-cell technology to maintain product integrity, making it conveniently customizable for different applications. You can cut it to size without worrying about compromising its performance.

But that's not all. The WetMutt WetMat is also perfect for use on your boat. Use it as a cooler mat or a galley mat to prevent things from sliding around, or simply stand on it. The plush feel under your feet is reminiscent of a mini foot massage.

From serving as a bath mat to an indoor/outdoor shower mat and a kitchen mat, the WetMutt WetMat proves to be a versatile companion. It's waterproof, odor-resistant, and easy to clean, promising long-lasting functionality and freshness.

The WetMutt WetMat is available in Cool Grey, White, and Olive color options to complement your style and decor. Trust us, wherever you need cushioning for your feet or a comfortable space for your pets, the WetMutt WetMat will be the perfect solution. Experience the blend of comfort, durability, and style with the WetMutt WetMat.

And if you think it's perfect for your dog they're also great for other applications -

On your boat - who wants tired feet? -It's seriously like a mini foot massage...
Cooler mat (on your boat)
Galley mat (things won't slide around) or stand on it...
Bath mat
Indoor/outdoor shower
Kitchen mat

This list is endless. Wherever you need some cushioning for your feet you will find a use for the WetMat!
  • Waterproof
  • Odor-Resistant
  • Antimicrobial
  • Temperature Resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Shock Absorbing
  • Super Easy to Clean

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WetMutt, WetMat, 34" X 22" Q&A

What is the WetMutt WetMat made of?
The WetMutt WetMat is made of waterproof, odor-resistant, and antimicrobial material.
Can I cut the WetMutt WetMat to size?
Yes, thanks to its closed-cell technology, you can cut the WetMat to fit without affecting its performance.
What is the size of the WetMutt WetMat?
The WetMutt WetMat measures 34 inches by 22 inches.
Can the WetMutt WetMat be used outside?
Yes, the WetMutt WetMat is designed to endure various conditions and is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use.
Is the WetMutt WetMat suitable for older dogs?
Yes, older dogs will love the comfort and support provided by the WetMutt WetMat.
What are some potential uses for the WetMutt WetMat?
The WetMutt WetMat can be used as a dog box mat, a kennel pad, a floor mat, a kitchen mat, a bath mat, a boat mat, and more.
Is the WetMutt WetMat easy to clean?
Yes, the WetMutt WetMat is super easy to clean.
What are the benefits of the WetMutt WetMat?
The WetMutt WetMat provides waterproof, odor-resistant, antimicrobial, temperature-resistant, and shock-absorbing features.
Can the WetMutt WetMat be used as a kitchen mat?
Yes, the WetMutt WetMat is perfect for use as a kitchen mat due to its nonslip and cushioned properties.
How does the WetMutt WetMat provide comfort for feet?
The WetMutt WetMat is made of shock-absorbing material, providing a cushioned surface to stand on, making it feel like a mini foot massage.

Item Specifications

WetMutt, WetMat, 34" x 22"Dimensions of the WetMutt WetMat
Perfect for kennel pad, dog box, or relaxing place to layCan be used in various locations for dogs to rest
Closed-cell technologyGuarantees product integrity and enables easy cut-to-fit applications without affecting performance
Suitable for older dogsProvides comfort and support for dogs of all ages
Multipurpose matCan be used on boats, as a cooler mat, galley mat, bath mat, indoor/outdoor shower mat, and kitchen mat
Waterproof, odor-resistant, antimicrobialProtects against water damage, unpleasant smells, and bacterial growth
Temperature resistantCan withstand various temperatures and conditions without losing its effectiveness
LightweightEasy to transport and handle
Shock absorbingProvides a comfortable surface for dogs and humans alike
Easy to cleanLow maintenance and hassle-free cleaning

WetMutt WetMat: The Ideal Kennel Pad and Multipurpose Mat

Introducing the WetMutt WetMat, an innovative and versatile pad designed not only for your dog's comfort but also for various household and outdoor applications. Its advanced features make it the perfect choice for any situation.

Made with closed-cell technology, the WetMutt WetMat ensures long-lasting durability and easy customization. Cut it to the desired size without affecting its performance, making it perfect for dog boxes, boats, kitchens, and other areas requiring cushioning.

The WetMutt WetMat offers numerous benefits, including being waterproof, odor-resistant, antimicrobial, and temperature-resistant. These qualities make this mat an ideal option for both indoor and outdoor uses, providing a comfortable and hygienic surface for your dogs and your feet.

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