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  • Avery, Swamp Seat

Avery, Swamp Seat

by Avery Item #: 903016-01401
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Enjoy a Comfortable Waterfowl Hunt with the Avery Swamp Seat
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The Avery Swamp Seat is the perfect addition to any hunter's toolkit. Designed with the adventurous hunter in mind, this seat is ideal for hunting in various terrains, including marshes, swamps, and cattails. Built with a heavy-duty design, the Avery Swamp Seat has the durability to withstand multiple hunting trips, ensuring its longevity.

Despite its sturdy construction, the Avery Swamp Seat remains lightweight and easy to transport, making it an essential piece of hunting gear for those who prefer to travel light.

But this seat is more than just durable and transportable. It also offers unparalleled comfort, providing a cozy spot to rest. With the Avery Swamp Seat, hunting becomes not just a sport, but a comfortable and enjoyable experience.

Make the Avery Swamp Seat a staple in your collection of hunting essentials. It's more than just a seat - it's your ultimate companion for comfortable and successful waterfowl hunts.

Experience the comfort and convenience of the Avery Swamp Seat during your next hunting trip. Don't miss out on the opportunity to elevate your hunting experiences to new heights with the Avery Swamp Seat. Discover the ultimate comfort in waterfowl hunting with this lightweight, durable, and easily transportable seat.
  • Quick-Adjusts from 27" to 37" in height
  • Lightweight fluted aluminum tubing
  • Padded seat with DuraMax cover
  • Sink-Proof retractable Marsh Feet
  • Adjustable/Removable shoulder strap
  • Folds flat for compact transportation
  • Total Weight - 4 lbs

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Avery, Swamp Seat Q&A

What environments is the Avery Swamp Seat suitable for?
The seat is suitable for cattails, marshes, and swamps.
What is the weight of the Avery Swamp Seat?
The seat has a total weight of 4 lbs.
How does the height adjustment work on the Avery Swamp Seat?
The seat quickly adjusts from 27" to 37" in height.
What material is used for the seat cover?
The seat cover is made of DuraMax material.
What unique feature provides stability in wetland environments?
The sink-proof retractable Marsh Feet provide stability.
Is the shoulder strap on the Avery Swamp Seat removable?
Yes, the shoulder strap is adjustable and removable.
What is the Avery Swamp Seat made of?
It is made from lightweight fluted aluminum tubing.
How can I transport the Avery Swamp Seat?
It easily folds flat for compact transportation.
Is the Avery Swamp Seat ideal for waterfowl season?
Yes, it is perfect for waterfowl season.
What is the main benefit of using the Avery Swamp Seat?
The seat offers ultimate comfort and support during waterfowl hunting.

Item Specifications

Type of seatSwamp/Marsh seat
Suitable forHunting in cattails, marshes, swamps
Adjustability27" to 37" in height
MaterialLightweight fluted aluminum tubing
Seat featuresPadded seat with DuraMax cover
Additional featuresSink-Proof retractable Marsh Feet
Shoulder strapAdjustable/Removable
TransportFolds flat for compact transportation
Total Weight4 lbs

Avery Swamp Seat: Your Perfect Companion for Comfortable Waterfowl Hunting

Discover the unparalleled comfort and ease of waterfowl hunting with the Avery Swamp Seat, a Marsh Seat designed specifically for hunters who prefer lightweight gear. Its heavy-duty design ensures durability and longevity, while its quick-adjusts feature allows for effortless height customization between 27" and 37".

Enhance your hunting experience in cattails, swamps, and marshes with the Avery Swamp Seat, made from lightweight fluted aluminum tubing and featuring a padded seat with a DuraMax cover for added comfort. The sink-proof retractable Marsh Feet provide stability and reliability during long hunting sessions, and the adjustable shoulder strap offers ultimate convenience.

The Avery Swamp Seat is the ultimate solution for waterfowl hunting in challenging environments. Its easily foldable design makes it compact for transportation, and its total weight of 4 lbs ensures that carrying it won't be a burden. Be prepared for the upcoming waterfowl season with this essential piece of gear.

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