• Garmin, PRO 550 Handheld

Garmin, PRO 550 Handheld

by Garmin Item #: 1129700-11438
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Advanced Dog Training with the Garmin PRO 550 Handheld
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The Garmin PRO 550 with proven Tri-Tronics® technology allows advanced training for the serious professional with easy access to 21 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation, tone as well as the ability to quickly switch between 3 dogs¹.

PRO 550 features vibration and tone settings, remotely operated beacon lights on the dog device to help locate your dog in low light, the ability to add a Upland™ Beeper (purchased separately), and a built-in BarkLimiter, activated on the dog device, to help keep the peace at home.
  • PRO 550 handheld
  • AC adapter
  • Manual

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Garmin, PRO 550 Handheld Q&A

How many dogs can be trained simultaneously with the PRO 550?
You can train up to 3 dogs simultaneously.
What technology does the Garmin PRO 550 handheld use?
It uses Tri-Tronics technology for efficient training.
Does the device have any settings for low light conditions?
Yes, it comes with remotely operated beacon lights to find your dog in low light situations.
Can I control my dog's barking with this device?
Yes, the built-in BarkLimiter helps control barking and maintain a peaceful home environment.
What is the Upland Beeper and can I add it to my device?
The Upland Beeper is an optional accessory that can be added to the PRO 550, but it must be purchased separately.
How many levels of stimulation does the PRO 550 offer?
The device offers a total of 21 momentary and continuous stimulation levels.
Is the PRO 550 suitable for both amateur and professional trainers?
The Garmin PRO 550 Handheld is specifically designed for serious professional trainers.
Can I use the device to train my dog indoors or at home?
Yes, the PRO 550 can be used for training dogs in various settings, including indoors and at home.
What comes included when purchasing the Garmin PRO 550 Handheld?
It comes with the PRO 550 handheld, AC adapter, and manual.
Are the vibration and tone settings customizable on the device?
Yes, the PRO 550 has customizable vibration and tone settings to cater to different training methods.

Item Specifications

ModelPRO 550 Handheld
Levels of Stimulation21
Stimulation TypesMomentary and continuous
Additional SettingsVibration and tone
Light FeatureRemotely operated beacon lights
Extra FunctionsAbility to add a Upland Beeper (purchased separately), Built-in BarkLimiter
Multi-Dog CompatibilityQuickly switch between 3 dogs
Included ItemsAC adapter, Manual

Train Your Dogs Easily with the Garmin PRO 550 Handheld Device

The Garmin PRO 550 Handheld is the perfect device for professional dog trainers, offering 21 levels of momentary and continuous stimulation, tone settings, and the ability to train up to 3 dogs at the same time. This professional device is equipped with Tri-Tronics technology to ensure accurate and efficient dog training.

With vibration and tone settings, the Garmin PRO 550 allows for a variety of training techniques, making it an ideal choice for any dog training needs. The device also features remotely operated beacon lights, assisting in locating your dog even in low light conditions.

The Garmin PRO 550 Handheld offers additional features such as the option to add an Upland Beeper (sold separately) and a built-in BarkLimiter, ensuring a more peaceful home environment. It comes with an AC adapter and manual, aiding effortless usage and understanding of the device.