• K-9 BlueLite, 1.75 lb Jar

K-9 BlueLite, 1.75 lb Jar

by Tech Mix. Inc. Item #: 1126031-69620
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Instant Oral Hydration Support for Dogs

K9 BlueLite is perfect for your canine athlete when keeping them hydrated is the most important!

K9 BlueLite® is an electrolyte that delivers multiple energy sources, key minerals and nutrients, and bacteria that help keep your dog healthy and well-hydrated. K9 BlueLite delivers vitally important energy while keeping canine athletes adequately hydrated to perform at their best.

The key to proper hydration for dogs is that the fluids need to be “balanced” to be best utilized by the body. While exercising, dogs need added energy and the brain needs an ample supply of carbohydrates to stay sharp to continue to perform at the highest level. K9 BlueLite contains a blend of carbohydrates that provides both quick and sustained energy sources for dogs of any age and activity level.

When to Use -

* Ideal for use during extensive physical activity such as hunting, endurance trials, and sled racing
* Whenever a quick source of energy is needed
* When walking the dog
* During extreme weather
* When boarding
* When traveling
* After whelping

How to Use -

Add to water. Mix thoroughly. Mix 1 scoop of K9 BlueLite in 16 ounces of drinking water for light to moderate activity. Mix 2 scoops in 16 ounces of drinking water for extreme activity level.
  • Unique combination of electrolytes, antioxidants, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals to speed recovery after strenuous exercise
  • Non-irritating buffered electrolytes and pH regulating action that helps provide optimum pH and maximize energy utilization and nutrient absorption
  • Nutrient dense with multiple energy sources to promote longer term energy availability
  • Contains beneficial bacteria to aid in digestion and to maintain intestinal health

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