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  • Kings Upland Vest, Desert Shadow Camo
  • Kings Upland Vest, Desert Shadow Camo
  • Kings Upland Vest, Desert Shadow Camo
  • Kings Upland Vest, Desert Shadow Camo
  • Kings Upland Vest, Desert Shadow Camo
  • Kings Upland Vest, Desert Shadow Camo

Kings Upland Vest, Desert Shadow Camo

by Kings Camo Item #: 1377090-M
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Enhance Your Bird-Hunting Experience with Kings Upland Vest in Desert Shadow Camo
The Kings Upland Vest in Desert Shadow Camo is a premium product from the Kings Camo line that offers superior concealment, comfort, and functionality for bird-hunting enthusiasts. Its unique Desert Shadow Camo print ensures you remain undetected in the natural habitat, enhancing your hunting experience.

This vest is expertly crafted with a large-eye mesh design, providing excellent breathability during warm weather hunts. The lightweight material ensures comfort even during intense hunting sessions. Available in sizes Extra Small / Small, Medium / Large, and X Large / 2X Large, the Kings Upland Vest caters to a wide range of body types, ensuring a perfect fit for every hunter.

One of the unique selling points of the Kings Upland Vest is its innovative rear game bag. This feature allows for efficient storage of your game, without compromising on movement or comfort. Additional shell holder compartments provide ample space for extra ammo storage, ensuring you're always ready for action.

This vest is not just a piece of clothing but a strategic addition to your hunting gear that combines style, comfort, and functionality. Its superior quality and thoughtful design make it a testament to the renowned Kings Camo brand. Experience the thrill of bird hunting like never before with the Kings Upland Vest in Desert Shadow Camo. It's more than just a vest - it's a game-changer.
  • Large-Eye Mesh for Maximum Breathability
  • Bloodproof Back Pocket for Game Storage
  • Two Oversized Front Pockets with Snaps
  • Shell Holder Loops for Securing Ammo
  • Accented with Desert Shadow camo

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Kings Upland Vest, Desert Shadow Camo Q&A

What seasons is this vest suitable for?
The vest is suitable for warm weather, duck, and dove seasons.
What material is used for its construction?
The vest is made with lightweight, large-eye mesh for optimal breathability.
What is the purpose of the shell holder loops?
Shell holder loops help in securing ammo and add extra storage.
Does the vest have any special pockets for game storage?
Yes, it has a bloodproof back pocket specifically for game storage.
What camo pattern is on the vest?
The vest features Desert Shadow camo accents.
Is the vest available in different sizes?
Yes, the vest comes in three sizes.
Are there any additional storage options on the vest?
It includes two oversized front pockets with snaps for extra storage.
What types of hunting is this vest best suited for?
This vest is ideal for dove and duck hunting during the early bird seasons.
How does the vest ensure breathability during warm weather?
The large-eye mesh design allows for maximum breathability.
What key benefits does the vest offer to hunters?
The vest provides breathability, concealment, storage, and easy ammo access for hunters in warm weather bird hunts.

Item Specifications

ProductKings Upland Vest
Color and PatternDesert Shadow Camo
Recommended UseWarm weather, duck, and dove seasons
PurposeBreathability and concealment during early season bird hunts
MaterialLightweight, large-eye mesh
Sizes AvailableThree sizes
StorageGame bird holding back pouch; shell holder compartments
Features- Large-Eye Mesh for Maximum Breathability
Applicable HuntingDove, duck, bird
Camouflage AccentsDesert Shadow camo

Conceal and Ventilate with Kings Upland Vest Desert Shadow Camo

Experience the ultimate combination of breathability and concealment during your early bird hunts with Kings Upland Vest in Desert Shadow Camo. Whether dove or duck season, this vest is perfect for warm weather hunting.

Stay comfortable and ensure easy ammo access during your hunting adventures, thanks to the large-eye mesh, shell holder compartments and intuitive design of the Kings Upland Vest in Desert Shadow Camo.

Say goodbye to discomfort and limited storage space during your bird hunts. Kings Upland Vest in Desert Shadow Camo features bloodproof back pocket for game storage and oversized front pockets, making bagging game easier than ever.

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