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  • Kings Upland Vest, Blaze Orange and Khaki

Kings Upland Vest, Blaze Orange and Khaki

by Kings Camo Item #: 1377080-M
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Stay Agile with Kings Upland Vest in Blaze Orange & Khaki - Perfect for Bird Hunting!
The Kings Upland Vest in the striking shades of Blaze Orange and Khaki, is an essential gear for all bird hunting enthusiasts. This lightweight vest, uniquely engineered for maximum ventilation, promises a comfortable and breezy hunting experience even in warm weather or in early season hunting conditions.

Crafted from large-eye mesh fabric, the Kings Upland Vest offers an extraordinary blend of breathability and durability, ensuring long-lasting performance in all your upland bird hunts. The vest boasts a game bird holding-back pouch, a unique feature that allows you to store your game effortlessly, without affecting your mobility.

Additionally, the vest comes equipped with shell holder compartments, enabling you to carry extra ammo conveniently, thereby ensuring you're always prepared for your hunts. The vibrant Blaze Orange and Khaki colorway not only adds a stylish touch to the vest but also ensures you're easily noticeable during your hunting expeditions.

The Kings Upland Vest is available in various sizes, including Extra Small / Small, Medium / Large, and X Large / 2X Large, ensuring a secure fit for hunters of all sizes.

The Kings Upland Vest in Blaze Orange and Khaki is not only practical but also offers unbeatable style and affordability. A must-have for every bird-hunting enthusiast, this vest truly embodies the spirit of the hunt. Experience the ultimate combination of comfort, utility, and style with Kings Upland Vest in Blaze Orange / Khaki.
  • Large-Eye Mesh for Maximum Breathability
  • Bloodproof Back Pocket for Game Storage
  • Two Oversized Front Pockets with Snaps
  • Shell Holder Loops for Securing Ammo
  • Blaze Orange

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Kings Upland Vest, Blaze Orange and Khaki Q&A

What is the main feature of the Kings Upland Vest?
The main feature of the Kings Upland Vest is its lightweight, large-eye mesh for maximum breathability.
What is the purpose of the bloodproof back pocket?
The bloodproof back pocket is designed for game bird storage.
What are the shell holder loops for?
The shell holder loops are for securing extra ammo during hunts.
How many sizes does the vest come in?
The Kings Upland Vest comes in three sizes.
What are the colors of the Kings Upland Vest?
The vest comes in a Blaze Orange and Khaki color combination.
What type of hunts is the vest ideal for?
The vest is ideal for early season bird hunts.
Are the front pockets easy to access?
Yes, the oversized front pockets have snaps for quick access to essentials.
Is the Kings Upland Vest affordable?
Yes, the Kings Upland Vest is reasonably priced without compromising on quality.
What is the style of the vest?
The vest features Kings Camo for ultimate hunting appeal.
Who is the target audience for the Kings Upland Vest?
The Kings Upland Vest is perfect for upland bird hunting enthusiasts.

Item Specifications

Product NameKings Upland Vest
ColorBlaze Orange / Khaki
Ideal UseUpland hunting
Suitable SeasonEarly season bird hunts
MaterialLarge-eye mesh
Back PouchGame bird holding
Additional StorageShell holder compartments
Maximum BreathabilityLarge-Eye Mesh
Game StorageBloodproof Back Pocket
Front PocketsTwo oversized with snaps
Ammo SecuringShell Holder Loops
DesignBlaze Orange Kings Camo
Other NamesBird Hunting Vest, Upland Bird Hunting Vest, Upland Vest, Orange Hunting Vest, Lightweight Hunting Vest, Kings Upland Vest, Blaze Orange , Kings Camo

Convenient and Lightweight Kings Upland Vest for Bird Hunting Enthusiasts

Experience the convenience and breathability of the Kings Upland Vest in Blaze Orange during your early season bird hunts. This lightweight hunting vest is designed for maximum breathability with its large-eye mesh and comes in three sizes for the perfect fit.

Store game birds and additional ammo with ease, thanks to the Kings Upland Vest's bloodproof back pocket and shell holder loops. Its oversized front pockets with snaps ensure that you have quick access to all your essentials while out in the field.

Stay visible and safe in the Kings Camo Blaze Orange Upland Vest, which features a stylish Khaki color combination, perfect for every bird hunting enthusiast. Don't compromise on quality, this vest is affordably priced while offering all the features you need during your hunts.

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