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  • Avery, Power Lanyard, Camo

Avery, Power Lanyard, Camo

by Avery Item #: 903059-99963
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Upgrade Your Game Call Collection with the Avery Power Lanyard
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Experience the ultimate in hunting convenience with the Avery Power Lanyard Camo. This game call lanyard is an essential addition to any waterfowl hunter's gear, offering a unique blend of functionality, comfort and style.

The Avery Power Lanyard Camo stands out with its impressive capacity, featuring 4 2-drop attachments to easily carry up to 8 of your favorite game calls. This eliminates the traditionally limited capacity of standard lanyards, providing you with quick and easy access to the perfect call at the right moment.

Tailored for the comfort of the wearer, the Avery Power Lanyard is lined with super soft fleece. This ensures a comfortable fit around your neck, even during extended use, preventing the discomfort and irritation common with other lanyards.

The camo design of this power lanyard adds a stylish and practical touch. Not only does it enhance the aesthetic appeal of your hunting gear, but it also blends seamlessly with your outdoor surroundings, keeping you concealed from your prey.

The Avery Power Lanyard Camo is a game-changer for avid waterfowl hunters and outdoor enthusiasts alike. Its unique selling points are its superior capacity to hold multiple game calls and its exceptional comfort, setting a new standard for game call lanyards in the market.
  • Neoprene neck strap with tough DuraStretch facing
  • Ergonomic fleece lined neck strap for comfort
  • Heavy duty webbing with three O-rings for drop attachments
  • Four 2-drop attachments
  • Paracord drops with quick connectors

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Avery, Power Lanyard, Camo Q&A

How many game calls can the Avery Power Lanyard hold?
The Avery Power Lanyard can hold up to 8 game calls.
What type of material is the neck strap made of?
The neck strap is made of neoprene and lined with fleece for comfort.
What is the purpose of the DuraStretch facing?
DuraStretch facing ensures the durability and longevity of the neck strap.
How many 2-drop attachments does the lanyard have?
The lanyard has four 2-drop attachments.
What is the advantage of the paracord drops with quick connectors?
The paracord drops with quick connectors provide easy access to the game calls when needed.
Is the Avery Power Lanyard easy to store and carry?
Yes, the Avery Power Lanyard's compact design makes it easy to store and carry.
Can I use this lanyard for both duck and goose calls?
Yes, the Avery Power Lanyard can be used for both duck and goose calls.
How comfortable is the Avery Power Lanyard to wear?
The ergonomic design and fleece-lined neck strap ensure comfort while wearing.
Will the O-rings on the lanyard hold my calls securely?
Yes, the heavy-duty webbing and O-rings provide secure attachment points for your calls.
Is the Avery Power Lanyard durable enough for frequent use?
Yes, the Avery Power Lanyard is designed with durable materials to withstand frequent use.

Item Specifications

ProductPower Lanyard
Number of 2-drop attachments4
Maximum game calls capacity8
Neck strap materialNeoprene
Neck strap facingDuraStretch
Neck strap liningErgonomic fleece lined
Webbing featureHeavy duty
Number of O-rings for drop attachments3
Drops materialParacord
Drops connectorsQuick connectors
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Avery Power Lanyard Camo: Upgrade to Ultimate Game Call Convenience

Keep all your game calls with you using the Avery Power Lanyard Camo, perfect for holding a variety of call types, ensuring you'll never be without the one you need. With its four 2-drop attachments, this lanyard can house up to eight of your favorite game calls.

Experience the comfort of the Avery Power Lanyard's ergonomic fleece-lined neck strap, paired with a neoprene neck strap for durability. The tough DuraStretch facing ensures longevity, making this call lanyard a long-lasting investment.

Enjoy the convenience offered by this lanyard's heavy-duty webbing and three O-rings for drop attachments. The inclusion of paracord drops with quick connectors ensures easy access to your game calls when needed.

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