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The FieldKing Dog Tie-out Drop Chain is meticulously crafted with 3/16" zinc plated steel, promising durability and extended lifespan. This makes it an excellent choice for those looking for a sturdy and long-lasting solution for their dog's chain setup.

With its inclusion of a brass snap on one end and a quick link on the other, this drop chain provides easy attachment to your existing stakeout, chain gang and other setups. Its design ensures both ease of use and secure fastening, providing peace of mind that your dog is safely contained.

The FieldKing Dog Tie-out Drop Chain stands out for its blend of strength, longevity, and convenience, making it a unique and valuable addition to your dog accessories. Upgrade your current setup with the FieldKing Dog Tie-out Drop Chain and experience the benefits of quality and reliability.
  • Zinc plated steel chain
  • Solid brass snap
  • Approximately 24" total length

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FieldKing, Dog Tie-out Drop Chain Q&A

What material is the FieldKing Tie-out Drop Chain made of?
The chain is made of 3/16 inch zinc plated steel.
Is it easy to attach the chain to the stake out?
Yes, the chain includes a quick link on one end for easy attachment.
How long is the FieldKing Dog Tie-out Drop Chain?
The total length of the chain is approximately 24 inches.
Can this be used with different dog sizes?
Yes, the chain is suitable for various dog sizes.
What is the purpose of the brass snap on the chain?
The brass snap is used to securely attach the chain to your pet's collar or harness.
Is this chain compatible with chain gangs?
Yes, it is designed to work with chain gangs and stake outs.
Is the FieldKing Tie-out Drop Chain durable?
Yes, the zinc plated steel and brass snap ensures durability and long life.
Will the chain rust over time?
The zinc plated steel offers a level of protection against rust and corrosion.
Can the FieldKing Chain be used as a replacement for old chains?
Yes, it's an ideal replacement for worn-out drop chains on your chain gang or stake out.
Is the chain easy to install?
Yes, it features a quick link for easy installation and a brass snap for secure attachment to your pet's collar or harness.

Item Specifications

Material3/16" zinc plated steel
Snap MaterialSolid brass
LengthApproximately 24"
TypeDog tie-out drop chain
Components IncludedBrass snap on one end and a quick link on the other
CompatibilityAttaches easily to stake out, chain gang, etc.

FieldKing Dog Tie-out Drop Chain: Upgrade for Your Dog's Saftey and Comfort

Introducing the FieldKing Dog Tie-out Drop Chain, the perfect replacement option for an old or worn-out chain setup on your dog's chain gang or stake out. Made from high-quality and durable materials, this product ensures a long-lasting and reliable solution for keeping your pet secure outdoors.

With its zinc plated steel composition and solid brass snap, the FieldKing Dog Tie-out Drop Chain promises durability alongside ease of use. Simply attach one end to your stake out or chain gang through the quick link, and your pet's collar or harness to the other end using the brass snap. A sturdy and dependable choice offering approximately 24 inches of total length.

Enjoy the benefits of a strong and dog-friendly chain that's designed to last, while allowing your pet more freedom to move around with the FieldKing Dog Tie-out Drop Chain. Invest in a dependable and practical solution, suitable for dogs of various sizes, and find peace of mind when taking your pet outdoors.

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