• Guillotine Closure for Medium / Large Dog Door

Guillotine Closure for Medium / Large Dog Door

by Gun Dog House Door Company Item #: 1127022-00002
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Secure Your Kennel with Guillotine Dog Door Panels
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Guillotine dog door panels keep a pet from entering or exiting through dog kennel doors. These guillotine kennel door panels are also useful for extreme weather situations.

These guillotine kennel doors feature a specialized design for Kennel Operators, just add a cable and pulleys to operate the dog panel without entering the kennel run.

NOTE: Cable and pulleys NOT included
  • Easy installation on any surface
  • 3/8" polypropylene panel
  • Fits Medium / Large Sizes: Heavy Duty Dog Doorâ„¢ and Easy Dog Doorâ„¢
  • Four heavy-duty extruded aluminum channels
  • Guillotine dog doors are made in the USA
  • NOTE: Pulleys and cable not included

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Guillotine Closure for Medium / Large Dog Door Q&A

What are the benefits of using guillotine dog doors?
Guillotine dog doors provide pet security, easy operation, and protection against extreme weather.
How are guillotine kennel door panels operated?
Guillotine door panels are operated with a cable and pulley system.
How do guillotine dog door closures work?
These panels slide down to block access to and from dog doors, preventing any entry or exit.
What materials are used in guillotine kennel door panels?
The door panels are made from 3/8-inch polypropylene with heavy-duty extruded aluminum channels.
Are guillotine doors difficult to install?
No, they can be easily installed on any surface.
Can guillotine door closures be used on different door sizes?
Yes, the guillotine closure is designed to fit medium and large dog doors.
What brand of guillotine kennel closures are being discussed?
The Gun Dog House Door Company produces the guillotine closures discussed in the text.
Where are these guillotine dog door closures made?
Guillotine dog door closures are made in the USA.
Are cable and pulleys included with the guillotine dog door closure?
No, cable and pulleys need to be purchased separately.
Who can benefit from using guillotine kennel door panels?
Pet owners, pet shelter operators, and boarding facilities can all benefit from using these panels.

Item Specifications

ProductGuillotine Closure for Medium / Large Dog Door
PurposeKeep a pet from entering or exiting through kennel doors
Use in extreme weather situationsYes
Specialized design forKennel Operators
Cable and pulleysRequired but NOT included
InstallationEasy, on any surface
Material3/8" polypropylene panel
FitMedium / Large Sizes: Heavy Duty Dog Door and Easy Dog Door
StructureFour heavy-duty extruded aluminum channels
Manufacturing locationMade in the USA
Pulleys and cableNOT included
Pet safetyYes

Guillotine Closure for Medium and Large Dog Kennel Doors

Keep your pets safe and secure with the Guillotine Closure for Medium and Large Dog Doors. This innovative solution is perfect for restricting access to and from dog kennel doors, ensuring that your pet remains safe and sound while also offering protection from extreme weather situations.

Designed with the needs of kennel operators in mind, these guillotine kennel door panels allow for easy operation using cable and pulleys, without having to enter the kennel run. This convenient feature helps to maintain the cleanliness and sterile environment of the kennel, making it a top choice for professional pet care providers.

Constructed from 3/8-inch polypropylene panels and featuring four heavy-duty extruded aluminum channels, the guillotine dog door closure system is built to last, ensuring durability and longevity for optimal pet protection. With easy installation on any surface, you can have your kennel secure and ready to go in no time.

Made in the USA by the reputable Gun Dog House Door Company, the guillotine closure is a testament to quality and performance, making it an excellent investment for pet owners and kennel operators alike.