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The GizzMoVest GPS Case for Garmin Alpha 200/200i/300/300i: The Perfect Protection for Your Handheld Device

Secure your Garmin Alpha 200/200i/300/300i in style with the GizzMoVest GPS Case, specifically designed to offer unbeatable security and protection for your handheld device. Choose from two vibrant color options - orange and coffee - to perfectly complement your outdoor lifestyle and make a statement.

Crafted with a textured composite exterior, the GizzMoVest GPS Case ensures a tactile grip, preventing your Garmin Alpha 200/200i/300/300i from slipping out of your hand during your adventures. The recessed face of the Garmin Alpha provides enhanced protection to keep your device safe and sound.

Equipped with a removable metal belt clip and heavy-duty plastic safety clip, the GizzMoVest GPS Case offers versatile carrying options for added convenience. Secure the case to your belt or wrap the cording around your wrist for easy access during your outdoor activities.

One of the unique selling points of the GizzMoVest GPS Case is its compatibility with the Garmin Alpha 200/200i/300/300i's design, allowing you to access vital buttons without removing the device from the case. This feature ensures that your device remains protected while you navigate the great outdoors.

Upgrade your GPS experience with the GizzMoVest GPS Case for Garmin Alpha 200/200i/300/300i, available in both coffee and orange color options. Invest in the ultimate security, protection, and convenience for your handheld device with this exceptional GPS accessory.

  • Extremely Tough Textured Composite (not silicone) provides a tactile grip.
  • Recesses the screen deeply for optimum screen protection when it counts - while in use.
  • Very high-grade materials. Fully washable (Open air Dry).
  • Removable strong metal Belt Clip is also compatible with the GizzMoVest RAM Mount Adapter.
  • Includes adjustable Wrist Lanyard and Safety Clip.
  • Use 'in-the-case' as opposed to removing from a carry case.
  • Activate Power Button thru-the-Case without opening. Access Battery Pack in just seconds!
  • A grippy, nearly indestructible Case, yet lightweight - 3 oz.
  • MANUFACTURED IN THE USA by GizzMoVest LLC backed by and a 3-Yr Manufacturer's Warranty on defects in materials or workmanship.
  • ONLY for Garmin Alpha 200i. Does NOT fit other models.

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GizzMoVest, GPS Case, Garmin Alpha 200/200i/300/300i Q&A

Which colors are available for the GizzMoVest GPS Case?
Orange and coffee.
What is the material of the GizzMoVest GPS Case?
Textured composite.
Can I access the power button without opening the case?
Yes, you can activate the power button through the case.
Can the GizzMoVest GPS Case be washed?
Yes, it is fully washable, but should be air-dried.
Is the metal belt clip removable?
Yes, it is removable and compatible with the GizzMoVest RAM Mount Adapter.
Is there a warranty on the GizzMoVest GPS Case?
Yes, there is a 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty on defects in materials or workmanship.
Do I need to remove the Garmin Alpha 200i from the case to access vital buttons?
No, you can use it in-the-case.
What is the weight of the GizzMoVest GPS Case?
It is lightweight at only 3 ounces.
Where is the GizzMoVest GPS Case manufactured?
It is manufactured in the USA by GizzMoVest LLC.
Is the GizzMoVest GPS Case compatible with other models besides Garmin Alpha 200i?
No, it is designed exclusively for the Garmin Alpha 200i.

Item Specifications

ProductGPS Case
CompatibilityGarmin Alpha 200i
Available ColorsOrange and Coffee
MaterialExtremely Tough Textured Composite
Screen ProtectionRecessed Screen
WashableYes, Open Air Dry
Additional FeaturesRemovable Metal Belt Clip, Cording with Heavy-Duty Plastic Safety Clip, Adjustable Wrist Lanyard and Safety Clip
Button ActivationThrough-the-case
Access to Battery PackIn seconds
Weight3 oz.
Manufacturing LocationUSA
Manufacturer's Warranty3-Year Warranty on defects in materials or workmanship
Compatibility LimitationOnly for Garmin Alpha 200i (does not fit other models)

GizzMoVest GPS Case: Ultimate Protection for Your Garmin Alpha 200i

The GizzMoVest GPS Case for Garmin Alpha 200i provides top-notch security and protection for your handheld device, making it an essential investment for your outdoor adventures. The case features a textured composite exterior, ensuring a comfortable and tactile grip, and comes in both orange and coffee colors to suit your personal preferences.

Designed specifically for the Garmin Alpha 200i, the GizzMoVest GPS Case allows for easy access to all important device functions without the need for removal. Its recessed screen design ensures optimal protection, while its removable metal belt clip and adjustable wrist lanyard offer additional convenience.

With its high-grade, nearly indestructible construction, the GizzMoVest GPS Case guarantees long-lasting protection for your Garmin Alpha 200i. Despite its toughness, the case is lightweight and can be easily washed, making it the perfect companion for your device.

Proudly manufactured in the USA by GizzMoVest LLC, the GPS Case is backed by a 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty on defects in materials or workmanship, providing you with peace of mind for your investment.

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