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The Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer, Pheasant from Dokken Dog Supply, Inc. is an innovative training tool that is designed to enhance your dog's retrieval skills. Renowned for its advanced training gear, Dokken Dog Supply has created a unique product that mimics real-life conditions to provide the best training experience for your dog. The Dokken Pheasant Dummy is designed to instill proper retrieval techniques.

The Dokken Pheasant Dummy is a unique blend of hard and soft materials, ensuring it is both sturdy and comfortable for your hunting dog to carry. The body of the dummy is scent-injectable, allowing you to add liquid scent or scent wax to enhance the realism of the training session. This feature helps to improve the effectiveness of the training by helping your pet connect the scent with the task at hand.

The key feature of the Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer is its hard, free-swinging head. This patented design disciplines any unwanted aggressive head shaking during retrieval by delivering a sharp rap to the snout of your dog. This innovative feature was developed by Tom Dokken, who pioneered the first Dead Fowl Trainers to teach dogs how to correctly hold and carry game birds.

The Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer, Pheasant is the ultimate tool for teaching your dog how to retrieve correctly. With its realistic features and unique design, this product ensures that your dog's training is as effective and efficient as possible. Boost your dog's skills in the field with the Dokken Pheasant Dummy, and leave nothing to chance in your training sessions.

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Dokken Dead Fowl Trainer, Pheasant Q&A

What makes the Dokken Pheasant Dummy unique?
The Dokken Pheasant Dummy has a realistic look and feel, a scent injectable body, and a hard, free-swinging head that disciplines aggressive head shaking.
What is the purpose of the scent injectable body?
The scent injectable body allows for easy addition of liquid scent or scent wax, making the training session more realistic for your dog.
Who created the Dokken Pheasant Dummy?
The Dokken Pheasant Dummy was created by expert dog trainer, Tom Dokken.
What is the overall goal of using the Dokken Pheasant Dummy in training?
The goal is to teach dogs proper hold and carry techniques, discipline aggressive head shaking, and create a smooth transition from practice to real-life hunting situations.
Can the Dokken Pheasant Dummy be used for various types of dog training?
Yes, it is suitable for retriever training dummies and fusion bird dog training.
What does the Dokken Pheasant Dummy do to correct aggressive head shaking?
The hard, free-swinging head delivers a sharp wrap to the dog's snout, discouraging unwanted aggressive head shaking.
How does the Dokken Pheasant Dummy enhance hunting skills for both dog and owner?
By providing realistic and comprehensive training, the Dokken Pheasant Dummy improves your dog's retrieval technique and your own understanding of successful training methods.
What kind of material is the Dokken Pheasant Dummy made of?
The Dokken Pheasant Dummy is made of a soft and durable body with a hard, free-swinging head.
Is the Dokken Pheasant Dummy recommended for beginner or advanced dog trainers?
The Dokken Pheasant Dummy is designed to accommodate trainers of all skill levels, from beginner to advanced.
What is the patented design in Dokken's Dead Fowl Trainers?
The patented design in Dokken's Dead Fowl Trainers refers to the combination of a hard, free-swinging head and a soft, durable, scent injectable body with a life-like look and feel.

Item Specifications

Dokken Dead Fowl TrainerDeveloped by Tom Dokken to teach proper hold and carry
PheasantType of bird used in the dog training dummy and sessions
Realistic LookSoft, durable, scent injectable body with a life-like look and feel
Easily Add Scent/WaxMakes training sessions more realistic for your dog's senses
Hard, Free-Swinging HeadDisciplines unwanted aggressive head shaking
RetrievingTrain your dog to retrieve with the Pheasant dummy
Field PerformanceHelp your dog retrieve the correct way in the field with training
Hideaway KennelsDog kennels suitable for training sessions
Fusion Bird Dog TrainingAdvanced method of training dogs for bird hunting

Improve Your Dog's Retrieval Skills with Dokken Pheasant Dummy Training

Ensure your dog masters the proper hold and carry technique with the Dokken Pheasant Dummy, specially designed by Tom Dokken for smarter retrieval training. This lifelike dummy delivers a realistic experience, making it easier for your dog to transition from practice to real-life hunting situations.

Elevate your training sessions to a new level with the Dokken Pheasant Dummy, featuring a hard, free-swinging head to discipline aggressive head shaking. The soft, durable body allows for easy scent injections, making the session feel more authentic to your dog.

Don't leave anything to chance when it comes to training your dog for hunting success. Trust the Dokken Pheasant Dummy, which boasts a patented design in all of Dokken's Dead Fowl Trainers, for comprehensive, realistic training that will benefit both you and your canine companion.

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