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  • Herm Sprenger, Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle
  • Herm Sprenger, Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle
  • Herm Sprenger, Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle
  • Herm Sprenger, Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle
  • Herm Sprenger, Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle
  • Herm Sprenger, Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle

Herm Sprenger, Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle

by Herm Sprenger Item #: 1179060-M
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Enhance Dog Training with Buffalo Horn Whistle
$24.95 - $29.95$24.95
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Experience the unique blend of functionality and quality with the Herm Sprenger Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle. Manufactured from authentic buffalo horns, this whistle assures durability and a distinctive appeal that sets it apart.

The whistle's dual-tone feature is truly remarkable. With a whistle at each end, it produces two distinct sounds - one end creates a trilling whistle with the help of a pea, and the other end, pea-less, generates a single tone. This provides versatility in communicating with your dog, making it a valuable tool for gun dog training. It’s particularly popular among the spaniel breed owners for its effectiveness.

We understand that different dog breeds have different needs. Therefore, our Herm Sprenger Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle comes in two convenient sizes - 60mm (~ 2.5") and 90mm (~ 3.5"). These options allow you to choose the whistle size that suits your dog's training needs the best.

We also include a lanyard with a whistle for easy carrying and accessibility. Train your dog with confidence and ease with the Herm Sprenger Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle. Its unique features and quality construction make it a must-have for dedicated dog trainers.
  • Dual tone whistle
  • Made of buffalo horn
  • Two whistle sizes available
  • Includes whistle lanyard

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Herm Sprenger, Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle Q&A

What is the Herm Sprenger Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle made of?
It is made from genuine buffalo horns.
What sounds does this whistle offer?
It offers dual-tone functionality with a trilling sound and a single tone.
Is the whistle suitable for spaniel breeds?
Yes, it is particularly popular with spaniel breeds.
How many sizes are available?
There are two sizes available for this whistle.
Does the whistle come with a lanyard?
Yes, a lanyard is included.
What makes this whistle ideal for dog training?
It offers precise communication with its dual-tone feature, making it great for obedience and response training.
Is it suitable for gun dog training?
Yes, the whistle is excellent for gun dog training.
What is the tone produced by the pea-less end?
The pea-less end produces a single tone.
Can I use the whistle hands-free?
Yes, the included lanyard allows for hands-free carrying and easy access.
Is the whistle designed to be durable?
Absolutely, the buffalo horn construction ensures its durability and attractiveness.

Item Specifications

MaterialMade of buffalo horn
StyleDual-tone whistle
FunctionsTrilling whistle created by a pea, pea-less single tone
Suitable forGun dog training, spaniel breeds
Sizes availableTwo different sizes
Additional AccessoriesLanyard included

Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle - Ideal for Dog Training & Spaniel Breeds

Introducing the Herm Sprenger Buffalo Horn Dog Whistle, an exceptional tool for gun dog training, designed with dual-tone functionality for precise communication. This high-quality whistle is crafted from genuine buffalo horn, making it incredibly durable and pleasing to the eye.

The unique dual-tone feature of this whistle means there's a distinct sound on each end - one delivering a trilling sound created by a pea, while the other is pea-less, offering a single tone. This versatile whistle is particularly well-suited to spaniel breeds, allowing for enhanced obedience and response.','Choose between two sizes to fit your needs, and enjoy the added benefit of an included lanyard, ensuring convenient access and hands-free carrying during training sessions.','Opt for the Herm Sprenger Buffalo Horn Whistle and experience a new level of quality in dog training accessories.

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