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The Charter Arms PRO 22 Blank Revolver is a classic-looking blank pistol and it's what the gun dog training and track & field community has been looking for.

What makes it a classic - is the black Cerakote finish and smooth walnut grips that give it the look of blank pistols of the past. Best of all this pistol only weighs an incredibly light 12 ounces!!! Whether you're a professional dog trainer introducing puppies or started dogs to the gun, an amateur dog trainer competing in hunt tests or field trials, a track & field starter looking for consistency in your starts or anyone who would require a .22 caliber starter pistol this PRO 22 Blank Revolver is what you've been looking for.

This blank pistol is on the identical frame as the PRO 209 Primer Pistol from Charter Arms. It also has the same great features including an ultra-lightweight 7075 aircraft aluminum frame, 416 stainless steel components including the 6-shot swing-out cylinder designed for approved .22 caliber blanks, and a trigger pull that's light when compared to other blank pistols.

Manufacturer's Warranty Info -

Charter Arms, Inc
18 Brewster Ln
Shelton CT 06484
  • Frame Material - 7075 Aircraft Aluminum
  • Components Material - 416 Stainless Steel
  • Finish - Black Cerakoted frame with black components
  • 6 shot swing-out cylinder sized for .22 caliber blanks
  • Lightweight, only weighs 12 oz
  • Smooth panel style walnut wood grips with Charter Arms medallions
  • Lanyard ring
  • Warranty - Manufacturer's 1 Year Warranty!

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Charter Arms, PRO 22 Blank Revolver, Black Q&A

What is the frame material of this revolver?
The frame is made of 7075 aircraft aluminum.
What is the weight of this blank pistol?
The pistol weighs only 12 ounces.
What kind of grips does this revolver have?
It has smooth panel style walnut wood grips.
How many shots can the cylinder hold?
The 6-shot swing-out cylinder is designed for .22 caliber blanks.
What is the finish on this blank pistol?
The revolver has a black Cerakoted frame with black components.
Is there a lanyard ring?
Yes, there is a lanyard ring for secure attachment.
What is the material of the components?
The components are made of 416 stainless steel.
Is this blank pistol suitable for dog training?
Yes, it is perfect for professional and amateur dog trainers.
Can this revolver be used for track & field?
Yes, it is designed for consistency in starts and other activities.
What is included in the manufacturer's warranty?
The warranty covers the pistol's frame and component materials.

Item Specifications

Product NameCharter Arms PRO 22 Blank Revolver, Black
Ordering Phone Number800-338-3647
ColorBlack Cerakote
GripsSmooth walnut
Frame Material7075 Aircraft Aluminum
Components Material416 Stainless Steel
Cylinder Compatibility.22 caliber blanks
Cylinder Style6-shot swing-out
Weight12 ounces
WarrantyManufacturer's 1-Year Warranty
Manufacturer AddressCharter Arms, Inc 18 Brewster Ln Shelton CT 06484
Use CasesProfessional and amateur dog training, track & field starts, .22 caliber starter pistol requirements

Classic Charter Arms PRO 22 Blank Revolver - Lightweight and Consistent

Discover the Charter Arms PRO 22 Blank Revolver, a lightweight and classic-looking blank pistol that's perfect for dog trainers, track & field starters, and other outdoor enthusiasts. The black Cerakote finish and smooth walnut grips give it a timeless appearance reminiscent of vintage blank pistols, while the ultra-lightweight 7075 aircraft aluminum frame ensures ease of use.

This versatile blank revolver is designed to meet the needs of professionals and amateurs alike, from introducing puppies to the gun in training sessions to providing consistency in hunt tests and field trials. The PRO 22 Blank Revolver features a 6-shot swing-out cylinder sized for approved .22 caliber blanks, making it both practical and dependable.

The Charter Arms PRO 22 Blank Revolver boasts a number of impressive features, including an ultra-lightweight 7075 aircraft aluminum frame, 416 stainless steel components, and a comfortable trigger pull. With its combination of classic design and modern materials, this revolver strikes the perfect balance between style and functionality. Don't miss out on this essential outdoor tool!

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