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  • Bull Snap Hook, Brass, Round Eye, Swivel

Bull Snap Hook, Brass, Round Eye, Swivel

Item #: 1159030-03142
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Secure Your Horse with the Swivel Brass Bull Snap Hook
In stock
  • Solid Brass
  • Swivel bolt snap hook
  • Length - 4"
  • Eye width - 7/8"

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Bull Snap Hook, Brass, Round Eye, Swivel Q&A

What is the length of the brass bull snap hook?
The length is 4 inches.
What is the size of the snap hook's eye width?
The eye width is 7/8 inches.
Is the round eye of the snap hook swiveling?
Yes, it has a swivel round eye.
What type of material is the snap hook made from?
The snap hook is made of solid brass.
Can the brass bull snap hook be used for horse picket lines?
Yes, it is designed for use in horse picket lines.
Does the snap hook have a swivel bolt?
Yes, it features a swivel bolt.
What is the benefit of the swivel round eye?
The swivel round eye provides added durability and versatility.
How easy is it to attach and remove the snap hook?
The snap hook is easy to attach and remove due to its design.
Is the brass bull snap hook durable?
Yes, the solid brass construction ensures its durability.
Who can benefit from using the brass bull snap hook?
Equestrian enthusiasts and horse owners will find the snap hook extremely useful.

Item Specifications

TypeBull Snap Hook
Eye ShapeRound
Producthorse picket line
Eye Width7/8"
Additional DescriptorsSolid Brass, Swivel bolt snap hook

Premium Brass Bull Snap Hook: The Ultimate Horse Picket Line Essential

Introducing our high-quality Brass Bull Snap Hook - the ultimate accessory for securely tethering your horse in any picket line. Made with solid brass, this durable snap hook features a swivel round eye for added durability and ease of use, making it an essential piece of equipment for every equestrian enthusiast.

Are you tired of flimsy and unreliable snap hooks? Our 4-inch Brass Bull Snap Hook with a 7/8-inch eye width is here to save the day. Its large swivel snap and round eye snap design make it ideal for attaching your horse to a picket line, so you can have peace of mind knowing they are safe and secure.

Equestrians, look no further for the perfect horse picket line accessory. Our Brass Bull Snap Hook is designed with your needs in mind. Its swivel bolt and round eye construction ensure it’s easy to attach and provides the ultimate in strength and flexibility to keep your horse secure.

Upgrade your picket line experience with our solid brass snap hook. This exceptional product offers long-lasting durability thanks to its high-quality materials and design. Invest in this essential horse picket line accessory today and experience the difference in performance and security.

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