• Bottle Bird Choy, Pheasant, Large

Bottle Bird Choy, Pheasant, Large

by Aussie Naturals Item #: 1372105-70782
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Keep Your Dog Entertained with this Eco-Friendly Toy
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The Bottle Bird Choy, Pheasant, Large is a chew and a toy all in one and will keep your dog entertained for hours and hours of pure joy.

Most dogs have energy to burn and you can keep them active and entertained with this classic throw toy with a chew bone integrated along the neck. Inside the toy is a recycled water bottle that produces a crinkle sound when your dog grabs it and the natural water buffalo bone will satisfy your dog's desire to chew!

Made of natural and sustainable materials including durable wooley cotton rope, natural leather, and crunchy coconut fiber filling.


Approximately 15" long
  • Made with natural and sustainable materials
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable leather & wooley cotton rope
  • Crunchy coconut fiber filling
  • Recycled water bottle included
  • Provides crinkle texture that dogs love
  • Rescue tested & proven

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Bottle Bird Choy, Pheasant, Large Q&A

What sound does the recycled water bottle make?
The water bottle inside creates a crinkle sound.
What material provides the chew bone feature?
A natural water buffalo bone is integrated along the neck.
What are the main materials used in the toy?
The toy is made of durable leather, wooley cotton rope, and coconut fiber filling.
How long is the Bottle Bird Choy Pheasant toy?
The toy is approximately 15 inches long.
Can I return the toy if my dog doesn't like it?
No, due to the nature of the product, no returns are accepted on chews, treats or toys.
Is this toy appropriate for all dog sizes?
Yes, it is suitable and enjoyable for dogs of any size.
What type of dog toy is this?
This is a combination of a chew and throw toy.
Are there any harmful materials in the toy?
No, the toy is made of natural and sustainable materials, making it safe and non-toxic.
Is this toy eco-friendly?
Yes, it is made with natural and sustainable materials, making it eco-friendly.
How does the Bottle Bird Choy Pheasant toy engage my dog?
The toy satisfies the dog's desire to chew and includes a crinkle sound, making it engaging and entertaining for your dog.

Item Specifications

TypeChew and toy combination
FunctionEntertain dog
ActivityThrowing toy, chew bone
Crinkle SoundProduced by recycled water bottle
Chew BoneNatural water buffalo bone
MaterialsWooley cotton rope, natural leather, coconut fiber filling
Rescue Tested & ProvenYes
Return PolicyNo returns on chews, treats, or toys
Approximate Length15"
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Eco-Friendly Bottle Bird Choy Pheasant Large: Your Dog's New Favorite

Introducing Bottle Bird Choy Pheasant Large - an eco-friendly chew and toy combo designed to keep your dog entertained while satisfying their desire to chew. Made with natural and sustainable materials, this amazing dog toy is perfect for the environmentally-conscious pet owner.

The Bottle Bird Choy features a recycled water bottle inside, providing a fun crinkle sound that dogs can't resist. The natural water buffalo bone integrated along the neck caters to the dog's innate desire to chew, while the durable leather, wooley cotton rope, and coconut fiber filling ensure this toy lasts.

Dog owners can feel good about their purchase, knowing their furry pal is enjoying a safe, non-toxic toy that doesn't harm the environment. The approximate length of 15 inches allows for easy throwing and fetch games, ensuring your dog stays active and challenged.