• Bottle Bird Choy, Goose, Large

Bottle Bird Choy, Goose, Large

by Aussie Naturals Item #: 1372103-70683
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Keep Your Dog Entertained with a Classic Toy
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The Bottle Bird Choy, Goose, Large is the perfect way to keep your dog entertained.

Most dogs have energy to burn and you can keep them active and entertained with this classic throw toy with a chew bone integrated along the neck. Inside the toy is a recycled water bottle that produces a crinkle sound when your dog grabs it and the natural water buffalo bone will satisfy your dog's desire to chew!

Made of natural and sustainable materials including durable wooley cotton rope, natural leather, and crunchy coconut fiber filling.


Approximately 16" long
  • Made with natural and sustainable materials
  • Eco-Friendly
  • Durable leather & wooley cotton rope
  • Crunchy coconut fiber filling
  • Recycled water bottle included
  • Provides crinkle texture that dogs love
  • Rescue tested & proven

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Bottle Bird Choy, Goose, Large Q&A

What materials are used in the Bottle Bird Choy toy?
Natural and sustainable materials such as wooley cotton rope, natural leather, and crunchy coconut fiber filling.
What makes this toy eco-friendly?
The use of recycled materials and natural, sustainable components make it environmentally friendly.
How does the recycled water bottle enhance the toy?
The water bottle produces a crinkle sound that dogs love, adding to the overall entertainment value.
What are the benefits of the crunchy coconut fiber filling?
It adds an extra layer of texture and entertainment for your dog while being eco-friendly.
Why is this toy perfect for large dogs?
Its durability and size are suitable for larger dogs, providing long-lasting entertainment.
How does the integrated chew bone add value to the toy?
It satisfies your dog's natural desire for chewing, making the toy more engaging and appealing.
What is the length of the Bottle Bird Choy toy?
Approximately 16 inches long, making it suitable for large dogs.
Who manufactures the Bottle Bird Choy toy?
It is produced by Aussie Naturals, a reputable brand known for quality dog products.
Does the toy come with any guarantees or warranties?
Due to the nature of chews, treats, and toys, there are no returns or exceptions.
Why is this toy considered rescue tested and proven?
It has been tried and tested by dogs in rescue situations, ensuring that it can withstand rough play and meet the needs of active canines.

Item Specifications

Extracted AttributesDescription
TypeBottle Bird Choy, Goose, Large dog toy
MaterialWooley cotton rope, natural leather
FillingCrunchy coconut fiber filling
Additional FeaturesRecycled water bottle, crinkle texture
FunctionEntertaining, chewing, and play
SizeApproximately 16" long
PolicyNo returns on chews, treats, or toys
Eco-FriendlyMade with natural and sustainable materials
Rescue tested & provenSuitable for various dog breeds

Bottle Bird Choy Goose Large: The Ultimate Toy for Your Dog

Introducing the Bottle Bird Choy Goose Large - a delightful combination of classic throw toy and chewable natural bone, this toy has everything your dog needs to stay engaged and satisfied. Made with eco-friendly materials, your dog will love the crinkle texture and you'll love its durability.

Designed for long-lasting enjoyment, this tough dog toy is made from natural and sustainable resources such as durable wooley cotton rope and natural leather. The crunchy coconut fiber filling adds extra entertainment value while keeping with the eco-friendly theme.

Keep your dog's mind and body active with the Bottle Bird Choy Goose Large - a toy they'll love and one that's been rescue tested and proven. Say goodbye to boring playtime and hello to endless fun with this amazing toy!