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  • Wild Wing Dummy

Wild Wing Dummy

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Enhance Your Dog's Hunting Skills with the Unbeatable Wild Wing Dummy!
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Unveiling the ultimate accessory for dog training - the Wild Wing Dummy! Perfect for initiating your canine into the world of hunting, this innovative product is designed to mimic the scent and texture of wild pheasant, ensuring your dog familiarizes with their natural prey.

Crafted meticulously with two genuine pheasant wings attached to a robust 9" X 2" canvas dummy, this product not only stimulates your dog's senses but also offers durability for long-lasting usage. Included with the dummy is a sturdy throw rope, simplifying the task of launching the dummy during training sessions.

The Wild Wing Dummy serves as an excellent tool to cultivate the skill of retrieving in your dog, a crucial aspect of a proficient gun dog. By enticing your hunting dog to locate and fetch the 'game', this dummy will significantly enhance its retrieving abilities, setting up your dog for a successful hunting experience.

Invest in the Wild Wing Dummy for a fulfilling training experience that is as close to the real deal as it can get. This one-of-a-kind product is not just an accessory but a gateway to molding a skillful hunting companion.

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Wild Wing Dummy Q&A

What does the Wild Wing Dummy help with?
The Wild Wing Dummy is designed to help dogs with scent and texture recognition of wild pheasant, and improve their retrieving skills.
What is attached to the 9' X 2' canvas dummy?
Two pheasant wings are attached to the canvas dummy, providing a realistic training experience.
How can I use the Wild Wing Dummy for dynamic training?
The Wild Wing Dummy includes a throw rope that can be used for efficient and dynamic dog training.
What type of dog training is the Wild Wing Dummy ideal for?
The Wild Wing Dummy is ideal for upland dog training and perfect for hunting dog training.
Which skill of my gun dog will be enhanced with the Wild Wing Dummy?
Using the Wild Wing Dummy, your gun dog's retrieving and fetching skills will be significantly enhanced.
Why is retrieving essential for a hunting dog?
Retrieving is essential as it is a vital aspect of a fully-trained gun dog, ensuring that they can fetch game back to their handler.
How does the Wild Wing Dummy help my dog with scent recognition?
The Wild Wing Dummy incorporates the scent of wild pheasant wings, helping your dog become familiar with the specific scent.
What is the purpose of the throw rope?
The throw rope allows you to easily toss the dummy, providing effective and realistic retrieving training for your dog.
Can I use the Wild Wing Dummy for both scent and texture introduction?
Yes, the Wild Wing Dummy is perfect for introducing your dog to both the scent and texture of wild pheasant.
Is the Wild Wing Dummy suitable for all hunting dogs?
Yes, the Wild Wing Dummy is designed to be suitable for all hunting dogs, aiding them in achieving the art of retrieving.

Item Specifications

Product NameWild Wing Dummy
PurposeIntroducing your dog to the scent of wild pheasant and the texture of the wing in their mouth
DesignTwo pheasant wings attached to a 9" X 2" canvas dummy
Additional FeatureIncludes a throw rope
UseEntice hunting dog to find their "game" and retrieve it back to you
Importance in TrainingRetrieving is integral to a fully finished gun dog
GoalHelp your dog achieve the art of retrieving

Wild Wing Dummy - The Ultimate Hunting Dog Training Accessory

Enhance your hunting dog's retrieving skills with the Wild Wing Dummy, a realistic and effective training accessory designed to replicate the scent and texture of a wild pheasant.

Ideal for upland dog training, the Wild Wing Dummy boasts two pheasant wings attached to a 9' X 2' canvas dummy, accompanied by a throw rope for efficient and dynamic training.

Bring out the best in your hunting dog by practicing retrieving, a crucial aspect of a fully-trained gun dog. The Wild Wing Dummy offers your dog the opportunity to enhance their skills and become a master at fetching.

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