• Hugglehounds, Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie
  • Hugglehounds, Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie
  • Hugglehounds, Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie
  • Hugglehounds, Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie

Hugglehounds, Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie

by HuggleHounds Item #: 1374177-M
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Keep Your Dog Entertained with Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie
$16.99 - $24.99$16.99
The Hugglehounds, Rope Sock Monkey Knottie comes in two sizes to keep all of your hounds occupied and having fun. The iconic monkey friend armored in all-natural rope!

Made with all-natural cotton & hemp material and colored with natural dyes, these durable dog toys are perfect for extended chewing. Every toy is knotted by hand and no squeakers mean your dog can play with these rope toys to their heart’s content without the added noise. The head, hands, and feet are natural leather, and the stuffing for the head is coconut fiber.

Large size toy is approximately 17" Long

Super Size toy is approximately 29" Long

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Hugglehounds, Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie Q&A

What materials are used in the Rope Sock Monkey Knottie?
It's made using all-natural cotton, hemp, leather, and coconut fiber.
Are the dyes used in the toy safe for my dog?
Yes, the Rope Sock Monkey Knottie is colored with natural dyes.
Is this toy suitable for heavy chewers?
Yes, it is durable and designed for extended chewing sessions.
Does the Rope Sock Monkey Knottie have a squeaker?
No, it does not have a squeaker for quiet play time.
What are the available sizes?
Large (approximately 17 inches) and Super Size (approximately 29 inches).
Is the Stuey Sock Monkey suitable for all dog breeds?
Yes, it's an ideal toy for dogs of all breeds.
What is the stuffing for the head made of?
The head is stuffed with natural coconut fiber.
How is the toy designed?
The toy is hand-knotted, ensuring durability and quality.
Can the Rope Sock Monkey be used for fetch?
Yes, it can be used for fetch and other interactive activities.
Do I need to supervise my dog while it plays with the toy?
It's always a good idea to supervise your dog during playtime, especially with new toys.

Item Specifications

Product NameStuey Sock Monkey Knottie
SizesLarge (17" Long), Super Size (29" Long)
MaterialsAll-natural cotton & hemp material, natural leather (head, hands, feet), coconut fiber (head stuffing)
ColorNatural dyes
FeaturesKnotted by hand, no squeakers
TypeRope toy for dogs
DesignSock monkey

Hugglehounds Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie - All-Natural Fun for Your Dog

Treat your dog to the fun and excitement of Hugglehounds Stuey Sock Monkey Knottie. This iconic monkey friend, made from all-natural rope materials, is perfect for keeping your dog entertained.

Experience the durability of the Rope Sock Monkey Knottie, crafted from cotton, hemp, and natural dyes. With hand-knotted design, it's an ideal toy for extended chewing sessions.

Say goodbye to noisy squeakers with the Hugglehounds Stuey Sock Monkey. Your dog can enjoy hours of playtime without disturbing your peace.

Choose from two sizes of the Rope Sock Monkey Knottie, ensuring a perfect fit for any dog. Large size measures 17 inches long, and Super Size measures 29 inches long.