• Custom Dura-flex Check Cord

Custom Dura-flex Check Cord

by Dogs Unlimited LLC Item #: 1001912-M
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Design Your Perfect Check Cord
Our Custom Dura-flex Check Cord lets you design a check cord that's perfect for you and your dog.

This check cord uses Bio-Thane's Super Heavy Beta material that's nice on the hands and flexible enough to use as a drag rope. It comes in a large assortment of colors so you can pick the color that appeals to you. If you need a length that's outside the scope of our in-stock items we can accommodate that request. We also offer a few different snap options, something for everyone. Finally, if you'd like an 8" handhold loop we can do that as well.

Build your own check cord!!!
  • Total customization
  • 3/4" wide, pliable Bio-Thane Super Heavy Beta material
  • Solid brass hardware
  • Double riveted

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Custom Dura-flex Check Cord Q&A

What material does the Custom Dura-flex Check Cord use?
The cord uses Bio-Thane's Super Heavy Beta material.
Is the check cord nice on the hands?
Yes, it is comfortable on the hands and flexible enough to use as a drag rope.
What customizations are available?
Color, length, snap options, and an optional 8" handhold loop are customizable.
What kind of hardware does the check cord feature?
The check cord features solid brass hardware and a double-riveted finish.
Can I choose my preferred color for the check cord?
Yes, there is a large assortment of colors to choose from.
Are different snap options available?
Yes, there are a few different snap options to suit your needs.
What width is the check cord?
The check cord is 3/4" wide.
Is the check cord suitable for dog training?
Yes, it is designed specifically for dog training purposes.
Is the handhold loop always included?
No, the 8" handhold loop is an optional customization.
Can I request a specific length for the check cord?
Yes, if you need a length outside the scope of in-stock items, we can accommodate your request.

Item Specifications

Material3/4" wide, pliable Bio-Thane Super Heavy Beta material
HardwareSolid brass hardware
Type of CordCustom dog check cord, custom training check cord, custom dura-flex check cord
UsesDog training, long line, dog training long line
Customizable FeaturesLength, snap options, 8" handhold loop, color
Available ColorsLarge assortment of colors

Design Your Dream Dura-flex Check Cord for Dog Training

Discover the ultimate accessory for your dog's training with our Custom Dura-flex Check Cord. With total customization options in color, length, and snap choices, you can achieve the perfect design for your needs.

Experience the satisfaction of a Bio-Thane Super Heavy Beta material, which provides a pliable yet strong structure that is gentle on your hands as a drag rope. The solid brass hardware ensures durability and a double-riveted finish on this custom dog training lead.

Not only can you accommodate a length that suits you, but you also have the option to add an 8" handhold loop for increased ease of use during your dog training sessions. Invest in a Custom Dura-flex Check Cord and elevate your training experience.