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  • Puppy Collars, Set of 6 Assorted Colors, Large

Puppy Collars, Set of 6 Assorted Colors, Large

by Leather Brothers Item #: 1031151-00026K
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Introducing a Vibrant Set of 6 Puppy Collars
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Presenting our Vibrant Set of 6 Puppy Collars, a beautiful and robust collection essential for every litter of puppies. These collars come in a lively array of colors including orange, red, blue, yellow, pink, and green, adding a splash of color to your beloved litter's accessory collection.

Each collar is crafted from a Dura-Lon-like material, ensuring incredible strength and durability. These collars are resistant to chewing, a common problem faced by many puppy owners. Moreover, they are immune to rot and odor accumulation, ensuring long-term use without any unpleasant smell or loss of integrity.

Our Puppy Collars are designed with nickel-plated hardware, enhanced with a small D Ring, giving a classy touch to these vibrant essentials. These collars are 1/2" wide, and available in two different lengths to perfectly fit your puppy. The small size features 5 holes, spanning from 8" to 11", while the large size also has 5 holes, spanning from 9 1/2" to 12 1/2". Both sizes have approximately 3/4" between holes, allowing for convenient adjustments.

This package includes a single collar of each color, providing you with a total of 6 vibrant puppy collars. Please note, due to their size, these collars cannot be fitted with our FieldKing nameplate.

Invest in our Puppy Collars, Set of 6 Assorted Colors, Large for a blend of functionality and style for your growing pet. Get ready to let your puppies strut around in these colorful collars, radiating fun and energy, all while ensuring ultimate comfort and durability.

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Puppy Collars, Set of 6 Assorted Colors, Large Q&A

How many colors are included in the set?
The set includes 6 different colors - Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Green.
What material is used for these puppy collars?
The collars are made from a material similar to Dura-Lon, which is very strong and durable.
Are these collars resistant to chewing and odors?
Yes, our puppy collars are designed to resist chewing, rot, and odors.
What kind of hardware is included with these collars?
The collars come with nickel-plated hardware, including a small D Ring.
What are the available sizes for these collars?
There are two sizes available - Small and Large.
How do I adjust the collar size to fit my pet?
Each collar has 5 holes and can be adjusted with approximately 3/4" spacing between holes.
Can I attach a nameplate to these collars?
Unfortunately, due to their size, nameplates cannot be attached to these puppy collars.
Are these collars suitable for daily wear?
Yes, these collars are durable and designed for everyday use.
Can I easily clean these collars?
Yes, these collars are easy to clean and maintain.
Which size should I choose for my pet?
Choose the small size for 8" to 11" neck and large size for 9 1/2" to 12 1/2" neck.

Item Specifications

Set6 Assorted Colors
ColorsOrange, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, Green
MaterialSimilar to Dura-Lon Collars
FeaturesVery Strong, Will not rot, No odors, Resist chewing
HardwareNickel-plated, Includes small D Ring
SizesSmall: 5 holes, spans from 8" to 11"; Large: 5 holes, spans from 9 1/2" to 12 1/2"
Hole SpacingApproximately 3/4" between holes
Contents1 collar of each color (6 collars total)
Nameplate CompatibilityNot compatible with FieldKing nameplates due to their size

Vibrant and Durable Assorted Puppy Collars Set

Introduce your growing pet to our vibrant and durable set of 6 assorted puppy collars. Designed with colorful and eye-catching hues, these collars are an essential accessory for your pet's wardrobe. Made from a material similar to our renowned Dura-Lon Collars, these puppy collars are designed to resist chewing, rot, and odors, making them perfect for everyday wear.

Our colorful puppy collars come with nickel-plated hardware, including a small D Ring, to ensure a secure and comfortable fit. Available in two sizes, small and large, these collars have 5 holes with approximately 3/4" spacing, allowing adjustable sizing for a growing pet. With six stunning colors - Orange, Red, Blue, Yellow, Pink, and Green - you can easily rotate through and pick the perfect color to complement your pet's fur.

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