• Puppy Collar, Single, Large, Blue

Puppy Collar, Single, Large, Blue

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This blue puppy collar is a bit larger than the smaller version. It's easy to clean and different collar colors are sometimes the best way to tell puppies apart. Dogs Unlimited has a nice assortment of small size Puppy Collars that will help you tell the difference between your young puppies.

A colorful assortment of 6 puppy collars -


Made from material that's similar to our Dura-lon Collars, so these collars are very strong. They will not rot, pick up odors and they resist chewing.

These Puppy Collars come as a standard collar with nickel plated hardware including a small D Ring. They are 1/2" wide and come in two lengths. The Small Puppy Collar size has 5 holes and spans from 8" to 11". The Large Puppy Collar size also has 5 holes and spans from 9 1/2" to 12 1/2". Both sizes have approximately 3/4" between holes.

Unfortunately because of their size we cannot put on a nameplate.

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