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  • Puppy Collar, Single, Small, Red

Puppy Collar, Single, Small, Red

by Leather Brothers Item #: 1031160-00015
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Distinguish Your Puppies with Colorful Collars
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This small, red puppy collar is great and different collar colors are sometimes the best way to tell puppies apart. Dogs Unlimited has a nice assortment of small-size Puppy Collars that will help you tell the difference between your young puppies.

Made from material that's similar to our Dura-on Collars, these collars are very strong. They will not rot, or pick up odors and they resist chewing.

These Puppy Collars come as a standard collar with nickel-plated hardware including a small D Ring. They are 1/2" wide and come in two lengths. The Small Puppy Collar size has 5 holes and spans from 8" to 11". The Large Puppy Collar size also has 5 holes and spans from 9 1/2" to 12 1/2". Both sizes have approximately 3/4" between holes.

Unfortunately because of their size, we cannot put them on a nameplate.

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Puppy Collar, Single, Small, Red Q&A

What colors are available?
Small, red puppy collars are available.
What material are the collars made from?
The collars are made from a material similar to Dura-on Collars.
Are the collars odor resistant?
Yes, the collars resist odors.
How wide are the collars?
The collars are 1/2" wide.
Are there different sizes available?
Yes, they come in Small (8" to 11") and Large (9 1/2" to 12 1/2").
What type of hardware is used?
Nickel-plated hardware is used, including a small D Ring.
Can a nameplate be attached?
Unfortunately, due to their size, a nameplate cannot be attached.
Will the collar resist chewing?
Yes, the collar is chew-resistant.
Is it suitable for adult dogs?
These collars are specifically designed for young puppies.
Can I attach a leash to the collar?
Yes, a leash can be attached to the small D Ring.

Item Specifications

TypePuppy Collar
MaterialSimilar to Dura-on Collars
StrengthVery strong
Odor ResistanceWill not pick up odors
Rot ResistanceWill not rot
Chew ResistanceResists chewing
HardwareNickel-plated, includes a small D Ring
Width1/2" wide
Small size length5 holes, spans from 8" to 11"
Large size length5 holes, spans from 9 1/2" to 12 1/2"
Hole SpacingApproximately 3/4" between holes
Nameplate CompatibilityNot compatible due to size
StoreDogs Unlimited
Differentiating FactorDifferent collar colors for telling puppies apart

Colorful and Durable Small Red Puppy Collar: Perfect for Your Young Ones

Looking for an easy way to distinguish your puppies? Dogs Unlimited offers a variety of small, red puppy collars that not only look great, but also help you tell the difference between young ones. With their colorful designs and sturdy build, these collars will last a long time.

Made from a material similar to Dura-on Collars, these small, red puppy collars are incredibly strong and resistant to odors and chewing. They also won't rot, ensuring that your little ones stay comfortable and healthy in their fashionable accessories.

These Puppy Collars come with nickel-plated hardware and a small D Ring for easily attaching a leash. They're 1/2" wide and available in two lengths, Small (8" to 11") and Large (9 1/2" to 12 1/2"), both sizes featuring 5 holes with approximately 3/4" between them.

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