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The Drop-In Closing Panel for Medium / Large Dog Doors is an optional yet invaluable accessory by the leading Gun Dog House Door Company. This innovative product offers dual functionality – it not only regulates your pet's movement by preventing them from entering or leaving when necessary but also provides additional weather protection in extreme conditions.

Designed with precision, the panel is constructed from durable 1/4" polypropylene that slides effortlessly inside a double-track aluminum channel. This robust composition ensures longevity and resistance against even the harshest weather elements. It's perfect for use on any door, shed, or garage wall.

One of the leading selling points of this product is its simple drop-in design. The effortless installation and removal process of this panel makes it a convenient choice for pet owners. You have the flexibility to control your pet's access, providing them with safety, and your home with added protection against weather changes.

Specially designed for medium and large dog doors, this Drop-In Closing Panel by Gun Dog House Door Company is an excellent addition to your pet safety measures. With this panel, you can take comfort in knowing that your pet and home are secured, regardless of what the weather brings. Invest in the Drop-In Closing Panel for a safer, more controlled pet environment.
  • ¼” x 14 ”x 20” Polypropylene Panel
  • Fits Medium / Large Sizes: Heavy Duty Dog Door® and Easy Dog Door®
  • Sliding channels made of Heavy Duty Extruded Aluminum
  • Made in the USA

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Drop-In Closing Panel for Medium / Large Dog Door Q&A

What material is the drop-in panel made of?
The drop-in panel is made of 1/4-inch polypropylene.
What types of dog doors does this panel fit?
The panel fits medium, large, heavy-duty dog doors, and easy dog doors.
Does the closing panel work in different environments?
Yes, it can be used on a door, shed, or garage wall.
Can this panel help with weather protection?
Yes, the drop-in closing panel helps keep out extreme weather conditions.
What is the channel for the panel made of?
The channel is made of heavy-duty extruded aluminum.
How do I install the drop-in panel?
The panel slides inside a double-track aluminum channel.
Is the product compatible with American-made dog doors?
Yes, the closing panel is made in the USA.
What are the dimensions of the polypropylene panel?
The panel measures 14 x 20 inches.
Is this panel easy to use?
Yes, the panel easily slides in the double-track aluminum channel.
Can this panel prevent my pet from entering or leaving?
Yes, the drop-in closing panel prevents your pet from entering or leaving the area.

Item Specifications

Drop-In Closing PanelFor Medium / Large Dog Door
PurposeKeep pet from entering/leaving, protect from extreme weather conditions
Material1/4" Polypropylene
LocationDouble-track Aluminum Channel
Use CasesDoors, sheds, garage walls, etc.
Panel Dimensions1/4" x 14" x 20"
Supported SizesMedium / Large: Heavy Duty Dog Door®, Easy Dog Door®
Sliding Channel MaterialHeavy Duty Extruded Aluminum
Country of OriginMade in the USA

Medium / Large Dog Door Drop-In Closing Panel for Pet Safety and Weather Protection

Protect your pet from entering or leaving with this premium drop-in closing panel, specifically designed for medium and large dog doors. This exceptional panel is made of 1/4-inch polypropylene, providing durability and pet safety. The dynamic double-track aluminum channel also ensures reliable, smooth operation.

Secure your home for your beloved pet! The drop-in closing panel extends easily into a variety of environments, such as door sheds, garage walls, and other spaces suitable for the medium/large dog door, including heavy-duty dog doors and easy dog doors. Experience the perfect blend of flexibility and functionality in keeping your pet safe while also eliminating the disruption of extreme weather conditions.

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