• Puppy Collar, Single, Small, Orange

Puppy Collar, Single, Small, Orange

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Unique Orange Collar for Small Puppies
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This small, orange puppy collar is great and different collar colors are sometimes the best way to tell puppies apart. Dogs Unlimited has a nice assortment of small-size Puppy Collars that will help you tell the difference between your young puppies.

Made from material that's similar to our Dura-Lon Collars, these collars are very strong. They will not rot, or pick up odors and they resist chewing.

These Puppy Collars come as a standard collar with nickel-plated hardware including a small D Ring. They are 1/2" wide and come in two lengths. The Small Puppy Collar size has 5 holes and spans from 8" to 11". The Large Puppy Collar size also has 5 holes and spans from 9 1/2" to 12 1/2". Both sizes have approximately 3/4" between holes.

Unfortunately because of their size, we cannot put them on a nameplate.

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Puppy Collar, Single, Small, Orange Q&A

What material is the collar made from?
The collar is made from a material similar to Dura-Lon.
Can the collar resist odors and chewing?
Yes, the collar is odor resistant and chew resistant.
What kind of hardware is used?
The collar features nickel-plated hardware, including a small D Ring.
What are the size options?
The collar is available in two sizes: 8" to 11" and 9 1/2" to 12 1/2".
How many holes are there in the collar?
Both sizes have 5 holes and approximately 3/4" between holes.
Can I put a nameplate on the collar?
Unfortunately, due to their size, nameplates cannot be added to the collars.
Why choose an orange collar?
An orange collar can help you easily tell puppies apart in a litter.
Is the collar suitable for hunting dogs?
Yes, the collar is ideal for hunting dog puppies.
What width is the collar?
The collar is 1/2" wide.
Are other color options available?
Dogs Unlimited offers a variety of small-size Puppy Collars in different colors.

Item Specifications

Dimensions1/2" wide, 8" to 11" long with 5 holes, approximately 3/4" between holes
MaterialSimilar to Dura-Lon materials
StrengthVery strong
Odor ResistanceWill not pick up odors
Rot ResistanceWill not rot
Chew ResistanceResists chewing
HardwareNickel-plated, includes a small D Ring
NameplateNot available due to size
RetailerDogs Unlimited
Product TypeHunting dog puppy collar, plastic puppy collar

Durable Small Orange Puppy Collar for Your Young Dog

Introducing our Small Orange Puppy Collar - a durable and unique solution for keeping your canine companions distinguishable in their early stages of life. Dogs Unlimited presents a wide range of small-size Puppy Collars, suitable for various breeds and ages.

Made from a material similar to our renowned Dura-Lon Collars, these collars are built to last. With excellent resistance to odors, chewing, and wear, you can trust that your young dog's collar will remain strong and presentable.

Featuring nickel-plated hardware, including a small D Ring, these Puppy Collars come in two adjustable sizes. Find your perfect fit and enjoy the attractive yet practical design of this bright orange collar, ideal for your young dog.