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  • Puppy Collar, Single, Small, Blue

Puppy Collar, Single, Small, Blue

by Leather Brothers Item #: 1031160-00011
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Distinguish Your Young Puppy with a Charming Blue Collar
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The Small, Blue Puppy Collar is an excellent choice for your young canine companion. This charming collar, distinguished by its vibrant blue color, is an ideal way to differentiate between puppies, especially in a larger litter.

Crafted from a high-quality material comparable to our renowned Dura-Lon Collars, this puppy collar offers supreme durability and strength. One of its standout features is its resistance to rotting and odor absorption, ensuring your puppy stays fresh and their collar remains in prime condition. Moreover, it is designed to withstand the natural chewing habits of young puppies, promoting longer-lasting use.

Each of our Puppy Collars comes with nickel-plated hardware, including a small D Ring, adding a touch of sophistication to the overall design. Despite its compact size, this collar offers an adjustable fit. It is 1/2" wide and features a Small Puppy Collar size with 5 holes, spanning from 8" to 11". The holes are spaced approximately 3/4" apart, offering flexibility for growing puppies.

Please note that due to the small size of this collar, we are unable to attach a nameplate. However, its unique blue hue and durable construction make it a worthwhile investment for your puppy. Choose our Small, Blue Puppy Collar for a stylish, durable, and practical solution to distinguish your adorable puppy.

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Puppy Collar, Single, Small, Blue Q&A

What material is the Small Blue Puppy Collar made from?
It is made from Dura-Lon material.
What makes this collar resistant to chewing?
The Dura-Lon material provides durability and strength, making it resistant to chewing.
Does the collar have any odor-resistant properties?
Yes, the Dura-Lon material prevents the collar from picking up odors.
What kind of hardware is on this puppy collar?
It features nickel-plated hardware, including a small D Ring.
Is there more than one size available for this collar?
Yes, it is available in two lengths: Small (8"-11") and Large (9.5"-12.5").
How many holes does the collar have for adjusting size?
Both sizes have 5 holes for adjustment.
What is the spacing between the holes on this collar?
There is approximately 3/4" between holes.
Can a nameplate be added to this puppy collar?
Unfortunately, due to the size of the collar, a nameplate cannot be added.
What is the main benefit of using this collar?
This collar helps with easy identification of young puppies while being durable and odor-resistant.
Where can I purchase this Small Blue Puppy Collar?
You can purchase it from Dogs Unlimited.

Item Specifications

TypePuppy Collar
MaterialSimilar to Dura-Lon Collars
StrengthVery strong
Odor ResistanceWill not rot or pick up odors
Chew ResistanceResist chewing
HardwareNickel-plated, small D Ring
Width1/2" wide
Length - Small5 holes, spans 8" to 11"
Length - Large5 holes, spans 9 1/2" to 12 1/2"
Hole SpacingApproximately 3/4" between holes
Nameplate CompatibilityCannot be put on a nameplate
Assortment AvailabilityAt Dogs Unlimited in small sizes
UsageTelling young puppies apart

Small, Blue Puppy Collar for Easy Identification and Durability

Introducing the Small Blue Puppy Collar, the perfect accessory to help you easily identify your young puppy while providing durability and strength. Made from Dura-Lon material, this collar is designed to resist chewing and remain odor-free.

Discover the ease of telling your puppies apart with our Small Blue Puppy Collar, featuring nickel-plated hardware and a small D Ring. With two lengths available, this charming collar from Dogs Unlimited is perfect for your young companion.

Upgrade your puppy's style and ensure its comfort with our Small Blue Puppy Collar. Made from high-quality Dura-Lon material, this collar offers superior strength that resists chewing while remaining free from odors. The perfect choice for your young pup.

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