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  • Kennel Gear, Pail System, 4 Quart

Kennel Gear, Pail System, 4 Quart

by Kennel Gear Item #: 911250-00151K
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Stainless Steel Pail System for Dogs
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The Kennel Gear 4-quart pail system is made of a stainless steel pail and will provide years of continuous service to you and your good dog. The medium size of this pail is great for small to medium-sized dogs, indoor applications, and great for traveling or hunting.

All Kennel Gear Pails will fit into any of their mounting options. This means that if you are already set up with a bowl or pail system that includes a mounting option (the Kennel Bar Mount comes standard with all "Systems") then you can add another bowl and use the same mounting bracket.

As an example, if you found that the Pail System you received is working great in the kennel house and you wanted to add a bowl for feeding you could purchase a bowl and use the same mount as the pail. This would further expand your system and make feeding and watering much more convenient.

The pails are stainless steel and Kennel Gear adds a aluminum mounting block. This is important for durability especially when you have a dog that likes to stand on their bowl to get a better view.

As stated above, these pails are also compatible with any of the mounting options available. These mounting options will allow for maximum flexibility when deciding how and where to place bowls and pails.

Keeping the dog's bowls and pails up off of the ground has many benefits. Sanitation seems the most important; keeping them up off of the kennel floor prevents dogs from pushing them around their urine and feces. Also, with the bowls and pails being stationary, dogs will not find them to be convenient "toys".

Comes standard with .75" thumbscrews
Comes with standard-sized kennel bar mount

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Kennel Gear, Pail System, 4 Quart Q&A

What is the capacity of the Kennel Gear pail system?
The capacity is 4 quarts.
What material is the pail system made of?
It is made of stainless steel.
Is the pail system suitable for traveling?
Yes, it is travel-friendly and perfect for traveling or hunting.
Can the pail system be used with different mounting options?
Yes, it is compatible with any mounting options.
What size dogs is the pail system suitable for?
It is suitable for small to medium-sized dogs.
How does the pail system improve sanitation?
It keeps bowls and pails off the kennel floor, preventing contact with urine and feces.
Is the pail system compatible with other Kennel Gear products?
Yes, it can be used with other Kennel Gear mounting options and systems.
What type of mounting block does the pail system include?
It includes a stainless steel mounting block.
How does the pail system offer convenience?
It allows easy expansion, placement, and adjustment with its mounting compatibility.
Does the pail system prevent dogs from pushing their bowls around?
Yes, the stationary design of the system keeps the bowls and pails in place.

Item Specifications

BrandKennel Gear
Product TypePail System
Size4 Quart
MaterialStainless Steel
Ideal forSmall to medium-sized dogs
ApplicationsIndoor, traveling, and hunting applications
CompatibilityFits into any Kennel Gear mounting options
Mounting OptionsMaximum flexibility for placement
Benefits of Elevated PailsImproved sanitation, prevents use as "toys"
Comes with0.75" thumbscrews and standard-sized kennel bar mount
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The Kennel Gear 4-Quart Stainless Steel Pail System for Dogs

Introducing the Kennel Gear 4-quart pail system, an all-in-one stainless steel solution to ensure continuous service to your good dog. This pail system is terrific for small and medium dogs, both in indoor and outdoor settings, and perfect for traveling or hunting adventures.

The versatile Kennel Gear pail system effortlessly fits into any mounting options, making it easy to expand your existing bowl or pail system. Whether you want to add a bowl for feeding or switch to a pail for watering, the same mounting bracket can be utilized for ultimate convenience.

Made from stainless steel, the Kennel Gear pail system includes a stainless steel mounting block that enhances durability, especially when you have an adventurous dog that tries standing on their bowl for a better view. Additionally, these pails can be used with any mounting options for maximum flexibility in how you place your bowls and pails.

Keep your dog's bowls and pails off the ground with the Kennel Gear system, resulting in increased sanitation and prevention of any contact with urine and feces. The stationary design also ensures your dog does not push the bowl or pail around, keeping the kennel clean and hygienic.

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