• Kennel Gear, Pail Only with Insert Block, 9 Quart

Kennel Gear, Pail Only with Insert Block, 9 Quart

by Kennel Gear Item #: 911260-00127
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Largest Pail for Your Dog's Hydration Needs
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This 9-quart pail from Kennel Gear is the largest stainless steel pail offered. Great for watering multiple dogs or a dog that requires a lot of water throughout the day.

Kennel Gear offers their Pail Systems without the Kennel Bar Mount giving you a pail with an insert block that will fit into any of Kennel Gear's mounting options (i.e Receiver Hitch Mount, Chain Link Fence Mount Adaptor, Surface Mount, Vertical Post Mount Assembly, etc.).

As an example, you could purchase a Kennel Gear 9 Quart Pail with Insert block and also a Receiver Hitch Mount. Having this setup works perfectly during hunting season for several reasons:

First, you can leave this system in place and still drive from hunting location to hunting location without worrying about leaving water dishes scattered along the road.

Second, fill the pail at the beginning of each time on the ground and when the dogs get back to the vehicle they can load up on water and be ready to be put in their crates for the trip to the next field. All in all, this is a very convenient way to mix and match bowls/pails and mounting options.

All Kennel Gear Pails and Mounting Blocks are stainless steel and will offer years of service to you and your good dog.

Keeping the dog's bowls and pails up off of the ground has many benefits. Sanitation seems the most important; keeping them up off of the kennel floor prevents dogs from pushing them around their urine and feces. Also with the bowls and pails being stationary, dogs will not find them to be convenient "toys".

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Kennel Gear, Pail Only with Insert Block, 9 Quart Q&A

What is the capacity of the Kennel Gear Pail?
The Kennel Gear Pail has a 9-quart capacity.
What material is the pail made of?
The pail is made of stainless steel.
What are the main benefits of using this pail system?
The pail system offers sanitation, durability, customization with various mounting options, and convenience during hunting season.
Can I use this pail system for multiple dogs?
Yes, this pail system is ideal for watering multiple dogs.
What mounting options are available with this pail system?
Available mounting options include receiver hitch mount, chain link fence mount adaptor, surface mount, and vertical post mount assembly.
Is this pail system suitable for hunting trips?
Yes, the pail system is designed for convenience during hunting season, allowing you to keep your dogs hydrated while on the move.
How does this pail system help with sanitation?
The bowls and pails are elevated from the kennel floor, preventing dogs from pushing them around in urine and feces and keeping the area clean.
Is this pail system durable?
Yes, the pail and mounting blocks are made of stainless steel and are built to last for years.
Do I need to purchase the mounting options separately?
Yes, the mounting options are sold separately and can be customized based on your needs.
What is the maximum amount of water this pail can hold?
The pail can hold up to 9 quarts of water.

Item Specifications

BrandKennel Gear
ProductPail Only with Insert Block
Size9 Quart
MaterialStainless Steel
Mounting OptionsReceiver Hitch Mount, Chain Link Fence Mount Adaptor, Surface Mount, Vertical Post Mount
SuitabilityWatering multiple dogs or dogs requiring a lot of water
ConvenienceCan be driven across locations without scattering water dishes
DurabilityLong-lasting stainless steel construction
SanitationKeeps bowls and pails off the ground, away from urine and feces
Stationary DesignPrevents dogs from treating them as toys
Recommended UsageDog feeding, watering supplies

Keep Your Dog Hydrated with the 9-Quart Kennel Gear Pail

Introducing the 9-quart pail from Kennel Gear, designed to keep your dogs hydrated throughout the day. This durable stainless steel pail is perfect for watering multiple dogs or for dogs requiring large amounts of water.

Discover a versatile pail system that can be customized with Kennel Gear's mounting options. Choose from options such as a receiver hitch mount, chain link fence mount adaptor, surface mount, or vertical post mount assembly to create the ultimate setup for your needs.

Upgrade your dog's hydration experience with a convenient design. The Kennel Gear pail and mounting blocks elevate the bowls and pails from the kennel floor, providing better sanitation, preventing your dogs from pushing them around in urine and feces, and keeping them stationary while in use.

Enhance your hunting adventures with the 9-quart Kennel Gear pail and mounting options. You won't have to worry about leaving water dishes on the road while driving from one location to another. Easily refill the pail and let your dogs rehydrate before heading to their next destination.