• Kennel Gear, Bowl System, Stainless Steel Yoke, 1 Quart

Kennel Gear, Bowl System, Stainless Steel Yoke, 1 Quart

by Kennel Gear Item #: 911201-00164K
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Upgrade to a Durable 1-Quart Bowl System!
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This Kennel Gear 1-quart bowl system with its stainless steel yoke is perfect for home and kennel. We know how ruff some dogs can be on their bowls so we've chosen to go with the Kennel Gear Stainless Steel Bowls and yokes.

The yoke (the device that's attached to the bowl and is used to insert into the mount) is made of stainless steel so that no matter how much abuse these bowls take they will not bend to the will of your good dog. No matter how hard they try these yokes will stay in place.

The 1-quart bowl with its stainless steel yoke is also compatible with any of the mounting options available. These mounting options will allow for maximum flexibility when deciding how and where to place bowls and pails.

Keeping the dog's bowls and pails up off of the ground has many benefits. Sanitation seems the most important; keeping them up off of the kennel floor prevents dogs from pushing them around their urine and feces. Also with the bowls and pails being stationary, dogs will not find them to be convenient "toys".

Comes standard with .75" thumbscrews
Comes with standard-sized kennel bar mount

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1 Quart324

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Kennel Gear, Bowl System, Stainless Steel Yoke, 1 Quart Q&A

How much can the Kennel Gear Bowl System hold?
1 quart
What is the Yoke made of?
Stainless Steel
Are the bowls compatible with different mounting options?
Yes, they are compatible with various mounting options
How does an elevated dog bowl benefit my dog?
It improves sanitation and prevents the dog from playing with the bowl
Can I use this bowl system for both feeding and watering?
Yes, it can be used for both feeding and watering
Is the bowl system suitable for home and kennel use?
Yes, it is suitable for both home and kennel use
How do I install the bowl system?
Use the provided .75" thumbscrews and compatible mount
What size are the standard-sized kennel bar mounts?
They come with .75" thumbscrews
Is the bowl system durable?
Yes, it is made of stainless steel for durability
Will the yoke bend under pressure?
No, the stainless steel yoke is designed to withstand pressure and stay in place

Item Specifications

Product BrandKennel Gear
Product TypeBowl System
MaterialStainless Steel Yoke
Capacity1 Quart
Compatibility with MountingCompatible with any mounting options available
BenefitsImproved sanitation, prevents moving or playing with bowls and pails
Additional Features.75" thumbscrews, standard-sized kennel bar mount
UsageDog food bowl, dog water bowl, elevated dog bowl, elevated dog food

Kennel Gear Durable Stainless Steel Yoke Bowl System - 1 Quart

Introducing the Kennel Gear Stainless Steel Yoke Bowl System with a 1-quart capacity, perfect for both home and kennel! Made from durable stainless steel, these bowls and yokes will withstand even the roughest canines.

Our Kennel Gear Bowl System comes with a stainless steel yoke to provide a sturdy connection, ensuring your dog's bowls stay firmly in place, preventing spills and messes.

The 1-quart stainless steel bowl system is compatible with various mounting options, allowing you to customize the placement of your dog's feeding and watering supplies for optimal functionality.

Enjoy the numerous benefits of an elevated dog bowl, such as improved sanitation by keeping bowls and pails off the kennel floor, and preventing dogs from using them as toys.