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  • Kennel Gear, Bowl Only, Stainless Steel Yoke, 2 Quart

Kennel Gear, Bowl Only, Stainless Steel Yoke, 2 Quart

by Kennel Gear Item #: 911210-00320
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Upgrade Your Feeding System with Kennel Gear's 2-Quart Bowl
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Kennel Gear's 2-quart bowl-only option is a great way to add to a system without having to purchase the Kennel Bar Mount as well. Buying ala carte saves money and allows you to get the exact system you need.

All Kennel Gear Bowls will fit into any of their mounting options. This means that if you are already set up with a bowl or pail system that includes a mounting option (the Kennel Bar Mount comes standard with all "Systems") then you can add another bowl and use the same mounting bracket.

As an example, if you found that the Pail System you received is working great in the kennel house and you wanted to add a bowl for feeding you could purchase a bowl and use the same mount as the pail. This would further expand your system and make feeding and watering much more convenient.

The bowls are stainless steel and Kennel Gear adds a stainless steel yoke. This is important for durability especially when you have a dog that likes to stand on their bowl to get a better view.

These bowls are also compatible with any of the mounting options available. These mounting options will allow for maximum flexibility when deciding how and where to place bowls and pails.

Keeping the dog's bowls and pails up off of the ground has many benefits. Sanitation seems the most important; keeping them up off of the kennel floor prevents dogs from pushing them around their urine and feces. Also with the bowls and pails being stationary, dogs will not find them to be convenient "toys".

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2 Quart648

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Kennel Gear, Bowl Only, Stainless Steel Yoke, 2 Quart Q&A

What is the capacity of the Kennel Gear bowl?
The Kennel Gear bowl has a 2-quart capacity.
Does the Kennel Gear bowl come with a mount?
No, this bowl-only option does not include the Kennel Bar Mount.
Can I use the Kennel Gear bowl with any mounting option?
Yes, the Kennel Gear bowl is compatible with all Kennel Gear mounting options.
Is the Kennel Gear bowl easy to clean?
Yes, the stainless steel material makes it easy to clean.
Does the stainless steel yoke add durability?
Yes, the stainless steel yoke contributes to the bowl's durability, especially for dogs who stand on their bowl.
How does the Kennel Gear bowl improve sanitation?
By keeping the bowls off the kennel floor, it prevents contamination from urine and feces.
Is the Kennel Gear bowl ideal for water too?
Yes, the Kennel Gear bowl is suitable for both feeding and watering purposes.
Can I add more bowls to an existing Kennel Gear system?
Yes, you can expand your current system with additional Kennel Gear bowls using the same mounting bracket.
How does the Kennel Gear system enhance feeding routines?
The expandable and modular design allows for convenient placement and access, making feeding routines easier and more comfortable for you and your dog.
Does the Kennel Gear bowl prevent the bowl from becoming a toy?
Yes, the stationary design prevents dogs from seeing the bowl as a toy.

Item Specifications

BrandKennel Gear
Product TypeBowl Only
MaterialStainless Steel Yoke
Size2 Quart
CompatibilityFits into any Kennel Gear mounting option
UsesFeeding and watering
Key FeaturesDurability, sanitation
Mounting OptionsKennel Bar Mount, various others
BenefitsOff-ground placement, prevents unwanted activity

Optimize Your Dog's Feeding with Kennel Gear's 2-Quart Stainless Steel Yoke Bowl

Discover how Kennel Gear's 2-quart stainless steel yoke bowl offers an ideal solution for expanding your dog's feeding and watering system. Compatible with all Kennel Gear Mounting options, this versatile stainless steel yoke bowl is perfect for adding to your current Pail System or Kennel House without having to purchase an additional Kennel Bar Mount.

Experience the sanitation benefits of keeping your dog's bowls and pails up off the kennel floor with Kennel Gear's stainless steel yoke bowl. This prevents the bowls from coming in contact with urine and feces, ensuring a cleaner and healthier feeding experience for your dog.

Invest in durability with Kennel Gear's stainless steel yoke bowl, designed to withstand the antics of dogs who like to stand on their feeding devices. By using this heavy-duty bowl, you can ensure your dog's feeding and watering system remains intact for the long run.

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