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  • Avery, Floating 2.0 Gun Case, Max5

Avery, Floating 2.0 Gun Case, Max5

by Avery Item #: 903172-00571
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Protect Your Gun with Max5 Camo Case
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The Avery Floating 2.0 Gun Case in Max5 camo comes with a new look and the same great features.

When you hunt waterfowl and you happen to be "in the water" you need to make sure your gun is protected and the Avery Floating 2.0 Gun Case will give you the peace of mind that if the unfortunate happens it won't happen to your gun.
  • Water-resistant DuraMax exterior
  • Adjustable shoulder strap
  • Cinch Strap closure for a tight fit
  • Side pocket with 3 choke sleeves

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Avery, Floating 2.0 Gun Case, Max5 Q&A

Is this gun case water-resistant?
Yes, it has a water-resistant DuraMax exterior.
What is the exterior made of?
The exterior is made of durable DuraMax material.
How does the gun case stay securely closed?
It has a cinch strap closure for a tight fit.
What is the purpose of the side pocket?
The side pocket holds 3 choke sleeves for convenience.
Does this case have a shoulder strap?
Yes, it features an adjustable shoulder strap for carrying comfort.
Is this gun case suitable for waterfowl hunting?
Yes, it is designed especially for waterfowl hunting protection.
Does this case float?
Yes, it is a floating gun case to protect your gun in water.
What is the camo pattern of this case?
It features the Max5 camo pattern.
Can this case fit shotguns?
Yes, it is designed as a floating shotgun case.
Why should I choose the Avery Floating 2.0 Gun Case Max5?
It combines protection, convenience, and style, making it the perfect choice for waterfowl hunting adventures.

Item Specifications

ModelFloating 2.0 Gun Case
PatternMax5 Camo
Exterior MaterialWater-resistant DuraMax
CompatibilityWaterfowl hunting
ProtectionFloating gun case
Shoulder StrapAdjustable
ClosureCinch Strap for tight fit
Side Pocket3 choke sleeves
Gun ProtectionEnsures protection in water

Avery Floating 2.0 Gun Case Max5 - Safeguard Your Gun on Waterfowl Hunts

Ensure your gun remains protected during your waterfowl hunting expeditions with the Avery Floating 2.0 Gun Case Max5. This robust case features a water-resistant DuraMax exterior, adjustable shoulder strap, and a tight-fitting cinch strap closure.

Stay worry-free and focus on your hunt while the Avery Floating 2.0 Gun Case Max5 safeguards your weapon. With a side pocket designed to hold three choke sleeves, this gun case offers both convenience and protection for your firearm.

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