• Avery, Power Flag, Canada Goose

Avery, Power Flag, Canada Goose

by Avery Item #: 903040-71530
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Attract Canada Geese Effortlessly With Avery Power Flags
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These Avery Power Flags are designed for attracting Canada Geese and will have you turning their heads and setting their wings into your stand of decoys.

With a wide 46" wingspan they will be able to see you from an exceptionally long way off. Perfect for all types of goose hunting but works especially well in wide-open terrain.
  • Realistic 46″ wingspan
  • Easy-to-use golf club style handle
  • Durable construction

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Avery, Power Flag, Canada Goose Q&A

How wide is the wingspan?
The wingspan is 46 inches.
What type of handle does it have?
The Avery Power Flags have golf club-style handles.
What terrain are Power Flags ideal for?
The Power Flags are perfect for all types of terrains but work especially well in wide-open terrain.
Does the wingspan help with visibility?
Yes, the wide 46-inch wingspan ensures visibility from long distances.
Can the flags be used during waterfowl season?
Absolutely, Avery Power Flags are perfect for use during waterfowl season.
Are the flags durable?
Yes, the flags are durably constructed for long-lasting use.
How do Power Flags help with goose hunting?
Avery Power Flags help attract Canada Geese and guide them towards your decoys.
What kind of geese are the flags designed for?
The flags are specifically designed for attracting Canada Geese.
How does the realistic wingspan help?
The realistic wingspan helps attract geese from long distances and creates a more natural hunting environment.
Is it easy to use the flags?
Yes, the comfortable golf club-style handle makes it easy to use the Avery Power Flags.

Item Specifications

BrandAvery Power Flags
Target SpeciesCanada Geese
Wingspan46 inches
Handle StyleGolf club style
DurabilityDurable construction
Best Hunting TerrainWide-open terrain

Avery Power Flags - Boost Your Goose Hunting Success with Realistic Wingspan

Discover the power of Avery Power Flags and revolutionize your goose hunting experience. Specifically designed to attract Canada Geese, these flags feature a 46' wingspan that guarantees visibility from exceptionally long distances. Say goodbye to fruitless hunting trips, and welcome countless geese into your decoys.

Maximize your waterfowl hunting success with Avery Power Flags, which were crafted to excel in wide-open terrain. The golf club-style handle ensures easy handling, while the durable construction guarantees long-lasting use. Make your waterfowl season better than ever with these essential pieces of gear.

Waterfowl gear has never been more reliable than the Avery Power Flags. The realistic wingspan will not only attract Canada Geese but will also help you blend seamlessly within their environment. Equip yourself with these flags and enjoy the incredible transformation of your waterfowl hunting experience.